Discussion Question: Product Idea and Search Engines/Electronic Marketing


Week 6 - Consequence Purpose and Quest Engines/Electronic Marketing

Discussion Question

Students must buttress their argument after a while at smallest 3 academically reviewed declaration. (Wikipedia, Smallbusinesschron.com and other internet declaration are not merry. Professor reviews the originality of all postings). Do not portraiture and paste.

After reviewing the assigned balbutiation materials, consummate the aftercited activities:

1.  Develop a consequence labor purpose.

A. Describe the consequence/labor including the benefits of using the consequence/service

B. Discuss the germinative customers for this consequence/service

2.  Based on the structure of the consequence/service, advise at smallest 3 likely ways to dispense the consequence electronically. Your suggestions must apprehend at smallest one quest engine. Describe your adviseations and argue the advantages and disadvantages of each.