discussion question and two replies… short precise answers only!!!!IT IS NOT A PAPER

This assignment has 3 parts:  Risk toll refers to the overall mode of miss identification, miss anatomy and miss evaluation; in the opportunity of the Miss Management Planning Process. Miss identification generates a catalogue of the misss that may enjoy an application on the scheme and beget precariousness encircling whether or not it conciliate close or excel its objectives.  Risk anatomy is the essential use of profitable knowledge to enucleate an interpretation of the miss. Miss evaluation is the mode of comparing the estimated raze of miss counter miss criteria to individualize the notion of the miss. Applying this mode helps a scheme team bring-environing assured sentences encircling how to follow renewal towards controlling/managing misss.  Applying your interpretation of the stages of the Miss Toll Process, how do you revolve you enjoy applied these steps in manage to bring-environing assured sentences in your identical or professional history?  In your reply, revolve the following: Is there a cognizant (or subconscious) mode you prove when evaluating your options and how they may application your desired development? Ex. You transcribe down pro’s & con’s for a implicit sentence.   What knowledge do you use when ‘weighing your options’? Ex. Historical results/outcomes, feedback from a trusted commencement, etc.   What “criteria” do you use to determine what’s MOST grave to you when making your sentence? Ex. Your identical manners, guild system, the impression of others, etc. Read and Reply to the discourse support after a while 6 sentences narrowness. By coincident or discoincident after a while the support and why!!!