Discussion: Psychosocial Theory and Diverse Groups


There procure be times when a gregarious toiler is presented after a while a occurrence where they are not accustomed after a while the enclosing psychogregarious issues. Because gregarious toilers are on a incessant voyage in education, it is great to collect connected erudition. This Discussion provides an opening to scrutinize Walden Library and confirm your skills in identifying and locating an experimental inquiry proviso.

To prepare:

  • Select one of these three collocations: (1) an immigrant singular from a racial or ethnic juvenility collocation, (2) a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) singular, OR (3) an singular who is physically disabled.
  • Reredonation the Walden Library suppliess listed in the Education Resources.
  • Then persuade a library inquiry for an experimental con-over focused on one of the collocations over and the singular psychogregarious factors or issues a gregarious toiler should be cognizant of when inaugurated after a while that collocation.


By Day 3


  • Post the APA-style relation for the proviso you plant in the library.
  • Describe lewd local psychogregarious factors that should be smitten into recital in dispose to apprehend the psychogregarious treatment when inaugurated after a while the collocation you separated. (Two of these factors should be psychologically cognate and two of these factors should be gregariously cognate).
  • Identify and illustrate a psychogregarious agency that addresses one of the lewd local psychogregarious factors you described over.
  • Identify 1 to 2 outcomes you susceptibility estimate if you were to evaluate the capability of the agency.
  • Evaluate one custom of using a psychogregarious frametoil in gregarious toil experience after a while the collocation you chose.


Required Readings

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Chapter 26: The Psychogregarious Frametoil of Gregarious Toil Experience (pp. 411–419)
Chapter 30: Role Plea and Concepts Applied to Personal and Gregarious Change in Gregarious Toil (pp. 452–470)
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Note: You procure similarity this proviso from the Walden Library databases.
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Document: Worksheet: Dissecting a Plea and Its Application to a Occurrence Con-over (Word muniment)
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Browse this office to redonation webinars that bring-in you to the Walden Library, including “Introduction to the Library” and “Search Strategies for New Students”
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Use this supplies to collect skills for creating your PowerPoint donation.
Document: Plea Into Practice: Lewd Gregarious Toil Occurrence Studies (PDF)
Document: Guide for Creating and Uploading a PowerPoint Donation (PDF)

Required Media

Laureate Education. (2017a). Theories recognition inhibit, part 1 [Interactive media]. Baltimore, MD: Author.
Document: Theories Recognition Check, Part 1 Transcript (PDF)

Optional Resources

Healy, K. (2016). After the biomedical technology revolution: Where to now for a bio-psycho-gregarious admission to gregarious toil? British Journal of Gregarious Work, 46(5), 1446–1462. https://doi.org/10.1093/bjsw/bcv051