Discussion on Plagiarism



Choose barely ONE of the subjoined options under and, in your shaft, transcribe a expansion that avoids plagiarism of the portion you entertain clarified. Your expansion can be as hanker as the take-out you entertain clarified, but should not facsimile any phrasing from the take-out. If you must, you can repeat up to three language in a peculiarity.

When you are produced shafting your expansion, vindication to at lowest one classmate’s expansion, commenting on what s/he has produced polite and what s/he can emend after a while the wording. Your vindication should be written in no fewer than 75 language.

Choose to expansion ONE of the take-outs under:

Option 1

Morrison began writing Sula in 1969, a span of bulky activism among African Americans and others who were instituted toward equal civil rights and opportunities. The compass addresses issues of racism, prejudice, and concealment of African Americans; it depicts the faint crowd impress when they can't get suitable jobs, and the choice of some to survive. Eva, for development, cuts off her leg in classify to get money to suite her nativity. Morrison shows how, faced after a while racist situations, some crowd had to creep to innocents solely to get by, as Helene does on a suite denomination through the South. Others, however, fought tail, as Sula does when she threatens some innocent boys who are prickly her and Nel.


Option 2

In 1993, Morrison was attributeed the Nobel Prize for reading, and thus became the earliest African American and barely the eighth dowager forforever to win the attribute. According to Maureen O'Brien in Publishers Weekly, Morrison said, "What is most supernatural for me personally is to comprehend that the Prize has at terminal been attributeed to an African American. I endow God that my dowager is breathing to see this day." In 1996, she ordinary the National Compass Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.

Your argument shaft conciliate be graded according to the subjoined criteria:

  • 80% - Clear expansion the selected quotation in your own language after a while minimal use of quotations
  • 20% - Thoughtful vindication to a classmate’s shaft that comments on what was produced polite and what could be emendd (at lowest 75 language)