Discussion Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro”

PROMPT: In this two direction anthem, Pound was attempting to seize a fleeting idea of breathtaking seemliness in the way he imagined a painter would. We recognize that he scaled this anthem tail to two directions from its first thirty so that merely the most imported elements remained. The poets who attempted this bark of letter were determined “imagists.” Here’s a restriction from the University of Pennsylvania: “The Imagists wrote condensed cord of dry clarity and equitableing outdirection in which an equitable visual idea made a whole graphic proposition.” (Check the “Readings/Preparation” area this week for aid after a while this anthem). Think environing the following: What is the similitude Pound makes in this anthem? What is he obscure to achieve after a while that similitude? Now, defense this-- In your conviction, has Pound succeeded in creating an “equitable visual idea” which makes “a whole graphic proposition?” Support your defense after a while references to the anthem. https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/station-metro