Discussion: Dalia’s Behavior


Discussion: Dalia’s Behavior

Argumentative deportment, promise in visible altercations, and illustration of humor swings can all evince that an pubescent is experiencing incense and debasement. Self-harming can demeanor in pubescents, too, as they trial arduous emotions.

For this Discussion, peruse the event deem of Dalia and deem what you, as her gregarious producter, would do if you observed self-harm indicators.

By Day 3

Post a weak explication of self-harming deportments that Dalia is exhibiting. Describe speculative approaches and useful skills you would treat in agoing delay Dalia. How capability familial relationships fruit in Dalia’s self-harming deportment? Please use the Learning Resources to influence your reply.

USE APA format using references from the listed sources provided


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