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   Key Topic:   Transformation Processes   INTSRUCTIONS: The Thread After you own unsociable your key question, use the Internet to quest for at smallest 5 versed media that tell to the question and own been published amid the ultimate 5 years. Academic declaration and journals must be creditable and obtained from authoritative websites that harangue the pleased of this continuity. Popular magazines and online commencements such as Wikipedia are not legal. After balbutiation the declaration, prime 1 boundary relative-to to your key question that you longing to use in your tenor. Your tenor must be posted in the extract box where you originally unsociable your key question; do not present a prfact tenor. In the fact that the formatting could be obsolete from the extract box, subjoin a Word improve to your tenor, and conform to the subjoined format: 1. Key Concept Explanation: Define your key question by using a commencement other than the extractbook. Give a obvious, short overview of the vital elements divert to intelligence your key question. In observation, teach why you are spirited in this question (e.g., academic celebrity, collision to a ordinary upshot telld to employment, or any other authoritative rationale). 2. Comparison: Compare your request delay what you own thoughtful during the module/week in which the key question/tenor is assigned. Note differences or commonalities encircling your key question, providing indication that you own wide your intelligence of this question further the extractbook balbutiations. This is an turn for you to call the observational declaration you originally investigationed. This exception must be at smallest 200 control. 3. Boundary Summary: In your own control, arrange a obvious and short analysis of the boundary you primeed. This exception must be at smallest 200 control. 4. Revealed Integration: Include at smallest 3 divert revealed references. Teach the communication of your key question to God’s law and how it can be applied in a Christian texture. This exception must be at smallest 100 control. 5. Application: Specifically avow how your key question has been applied to real-earth interestes or draw the possible your key question has to rule today’s interest earth. Your collision must own a authoritative rationale that demonstrates the import of your key question. This exception must be at smallest 100 control. 6. Annotated Bibliography: Call the declaration you investigationed in ordinary APA format. An remark must listen each quotation. Each remark conciliate insist of a vivid and evaluative chapter that is at smallest 100 control. The remarks are intentional to acceleration your classmates in their intelligence of your question. In observation, arrange a perpetual link for each boundary.