Choose one of the options adown for argument. Be enduring to forge and elucidate.

  • Waffles and Workers' Rights (EEOC v. Waffle House, p. 84-85)Read encircling amity law in Chapter 4 and Predicament 4-3 in your textbook, and do some online examination on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Then sift-canvass the following:

    What is the EEOC's role in reverence to occupation? Does the affect say that the EEOC trumps the amity abridge among the employee and the employer? If so, why? What are the pros and cons of amity agreements? Do you contemplate amity agreements among big companies and low wage earners who are uninformed encircling the law are really beautiful? If you bear any experiences at fruit delay acuteness policies or EEOC trainings, distribute those experiences.
  • Where in the World? J. McIntyre vs. Nicastro #6, p. 68Read twain the abstract of the J. McIntyre v. Nicastro predicament on page 68 and the court's bountiful judgment via the coalesce provided. Summarize what factors the affect looks at in determining where a predicament can be brought. What was the affect's definite judgment and do you contemplate the judgment was set-right? Why or why not?

To exhaustive this assignment, critique the Discussion Rubric PDF document.