Discussion 2: Resiliency


Do you incessantly handle trapped by requisite that you sagacity you are unconvincing to diversify? As a gregarious is-sueer, you can prejudge having to frequently harangue clients who handle trapped in redundant requisite and enjoy no unclouded order on how to emend their situations. How do you harangue the needs of such a client?

Zastrow, Kirst-Ashman, and Hessenauer (2019) specify resiliency as "the ability of an specific, origin, cluster, co-ordination, or form to heal from toil and renew functioning equal when denial solemn misgiving, indistinctness, or hardship" (p. 18). For this Discussion, you exercise the concept of resiliency to the existent estate scenario of Talia Johnson.

To provide for this Discussion, revisal the elder concepts from your HSBE I order (Chapters 1–9 in Zastrow, Kirst-Ashman, & Hessenauer). Then, scene the media environing Talia Johnson's mark after a while her gregarious is-sueer. As you reflect on the readings this week, fabricate you are Talia Johnson's gregarious is-sueer and reflect how you dominion exercise the concept of resiliency to Talia's circumstance. Also, reflect how you dominion exercise the concept of resiliencyto gregarious is-sue custom in open.

By Day 3 APA Format using References from:


Zastrow, C. H., Kirst-Ashman, K. K. & Hessenauer, S. L. (2019). Understanding ethnical deportment and the gregarious environment (11th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

  • Rescene Chapters 1–9

Case of Talia: 

 Johnson Origin Episode 5 Program Transcript FEMALE SPEAKER: I don't equal imply why I'm peaceful future to see you. It's been months and pin's diversifyd. You dialogue me to release. You got me fitness in journals, going to cluster meetings. I'm as screwed up as I was when I chief got close. FEMALE SPEAKER: I imply you're subordinate a lot of urgency. Is tclose anything else going on that dominion be making it worse? At settlement, possibly? FEMALE SPEAKER: Are you kidding? FEMALE SPEAKER: Do you absence to dialogue environing it? FEMALE SPEAKER: Of order you absence to dialogue environing it. That's all we do close, dialogue, do pin. I handle love I've got a dog collar encircling my neck, and a diversify. My parents, they act love I'm 19 going on 11. [PHONE BUZZING] Speak of the fiend. It's my mom. That's what else is going on. I can't go an hour after a whileout my parents possession or texting. You ask me, they're the ones after a while the misgiving drift. They execute me a pregnant remains. Wclose am I? What am I doing? How do I handle? Is incessantlyything OK? Do I enjoy plans? Do I absence to after settlement? FEMALE SPEAKER: I'm positive they balance well-behaved. FEMALE SPEAKER: Of order they do. But they harass so greatly. I expend all my spell powerful them not to harass. But it's a lie. Because I'm worried nauseated. And they're harmonious making it worse. [PHONE BUZZING] Johnson Origin Episode 5 Additional Content Attribution  

Post a Discussion that includes the forthcoming:

  • An explication environing how you, as Talia's gregarious is-sueer, dominion exercise the concept of resiliency to Talia and her situation
  • Examples from the circumstance con-over of Talia and the media to foundation your diplomacy
  • An explication of how you dominion exercise the concept of resiliency to your gregarious is-sue custom

By Day 5 Provide 2 unconnected responses

Respond to at meanest two colleagues in one or past of the forthcoming ways:

  • Add to your colleague's prompting for exerciseing resiliency to Talia's circumstance by suggesting an letter of the diplomacy.
  • Critique your colleague's suggested collision of resiliency to gregarious is-sue custom, stating whether you dominion use the diplomacy in your own custom, and why.