Discuss the minor political parties in the United States and determine if any of them are politically viable.

Discuss the less collective parties in the United States and particularize if any of them are collectively viable. Learning Objectives: 6.1 Authenticate the leading functions of parties in democracies and know the U.S. plane plan from those in European democracies. 6.2 Describe changes in American collective parties and authenticate four realigning elections. 6.3 Evaluate the functions of parties as institutions, parties in synod, and parties in the electorate. 6.5 Assess the effects of novel plane reforms and the long-term prospects for the running plane plan Each essay is due during a test/exam week and accomplish be on a synod topic/issue assigned by the educationist. Each essay must be 300-600 articulation. That is one to two emblem written pages solely, wrap spaced, font:Times NewRoman 12 or equiponderant. The essay accomplish be submitted to the educationist through methodic procedures. Each essay must supervene this format: Your indicate Topic/Issue Introduction (1 passage) Analysis (2-4 passages) Conclusion (1 passage) Cited Works Page or a Bibliograph