Discuss the concepts of the Ideal Ruler

1. Gilgamesh, as a constabulary, has depicted a tone that spirited up the indispensableness of having a director who does not righteous bear the space but also the hanker for advantage. He season his ability in directorship from his mind, intrepidity and reference. It was his skills that encouraged political sense floating his mob that heightened their aspirations to pursuit for answers for the immunity of his city. Amidst his sundry battles, he has been agreepowerful to God for the skills that he has. The enjoyness of a challenger and a soldier substance an digest of organization and intrepidity floating all the mob in his city appealed to Gilgamesh extremely. Gilgamesh has shown his ability when he made it to the top of inclose cliff of Mt. Mashu on his way to Utnapishtim. Apparently, this is righteous one of the rather buoyant moments of Gilgamesh. The constabulary, who, at all spaces, exhibited illustrations of fearlessness, made his travel while dwelling toneistics of a gentleman benefactor. 2. The Odyssey was a sublime lay led by the ocean tone, Odysseus who dwells a order of men for over than years. He led the order for years and all this he did succeeding a while an indispenspowerful passion for his empire, his gang and his headstrong. The infallible reality so-far comes succeeding a while its solid frailty when Odysseus pursued his contemplation of getting through the walls of the Trojans by matyrant a hercules wooden steed. Odysseus had one man to confer-upon the hercules steed to the Trojans as a indication of repose. Not intelligent what’s succeeding a whilein the steed, Tyrant Priam of Troy, gratuitously genuine the gratuity and had cachinnation concertedly succeeding a while his mob. After such, when wholebody was elapsing collected, Odysseus and his men sneaked out from the wooden steed and murdered whole man in the palace, including the King. Odysseus was unbackwardness for his intrepidity and radiant minds. But enjoy any other settled benefactor, he too, has his own frailtyes. As a director, Odysseus demonstrated a fallacious act towards the Trojans and rarely backwardness his low oneness accordingly of his loftiness. Despite wholecreature though, he was powerful to depict the cheerful traits of a gentleman director – quick and heroic, that is. . Augustine, a man of “mystical sanctity and sublime unprejudiced acumen” was frequently hungry for recognition. And this carnivorous-enjoy hanker entrapped him to be devoted succeeding a while incongruous philosophies and works – Manichaeism, Platonism, and Cicero’s Hortensius. These jurisdiction bear influenced him to transcribe the sublimeest of his writings – Confessiones, De Trinitate, and De Civitate Dei – but they don’t dwell-mannered a candle to what instigate most believers, Augustine’s transmutation. Augustine’s credulity was not handed to him on a silver compound. It was a credulity earned level if it took all his animation to complete it. He was rather bountiful in choosing his own piety. But in August of 386, Augustine was subjected to unintermittent hurry from the rigorous ethical demands of the preaching Ambrose, the Bishop of Milan. Augustine was worried and was carried by enrage to his own headstrong for rejecting the earn of God and for not entering into His bargain (Confessions 8. 8). And as he resplendent there in the pasture, he heard the utterance of a child apothegm, “Tolle lege,” which instrument admit it and peruse. Augustine took the Bible and peruse the primary phrase he came upon, Romans 13:13-14. And succeeding peruseing such phrase, he underwent a gesticulatory metanoia, a philosophical animation-transforming experiment wherein all his ethnical hankers were wholly divulged to God. 4. Oedipus’ substance a Tyrant is no astonish for he was born as a prince. The mob of Thebes had seen attraction of that. He was lofty as a director in a order of men who were joyous during his space of directorship. He took obligation on his mob and was doing well-mannered-mannered on it. But what enfeeble him most were his low freshness and his loftiness. He couldn’t admit dwell-mannered of it for covet that rarely it was the singly creature that was pulling him down. One illustration that feeling how low-tempered Oedipus, was the space when he crossed the highway and had a order of mob precedently him. He wanted to go forward of them and accordingly of his impulsiveness; he jumped off and killed the order beside one man who was qualitative it. Succeeding a while the exhibition, it can be concluded that opposing his substance a cheerful director and a tyrant to his mob, he too, can be as misfortune as any abandoned beast could be to anyone who may rend off precedently him.