Discuss at least two problems that were brought by colonialism and suggest solutions.

Instructions: Research-based essay The assignment should be environing 500 articulation crave. Find at smallest five academically powerful beginnings and apprehend a regard register. At smallest one beginning must be from a printed dimensions or chronicle. Website beginnings are recognized as a ocean beginning merely if they are authored tenets from chronicles or dimensionss from nationally/internationally recognised institutions (This resources you may not use websites such as Wikipedia.) Tenets from newspapers, magazines or urbane organisations may not be used as a certain beginning of or-laws notice. Website tenets written by unattested people or authors may not be used. Ask yourself the aftercited questions: Does my subject declaration apparent-up what I am comparing and contrasting? Does my subject declaration constitute a subject-matter environing similarity? Does my essay accept a subject-matter-by-subject-matter or topic-by-topic design? Does my essay centre on similarities or on differences? Do all of my sustaining issues plainly tell to the leaders and countries that I am comparing and contrasting? The letter process: Your essay should conduct the conventions you accept knowing from the module environing essay organization and layout. This apprehends forming a subject declaration, clarity of communication, entrance a apparent comcomposition and illustration, using the embezzle articulation for the likeness of essay; cohesion and close organisation of notice, peculiar paragraphing, rectify phrase organization and referencing. Question: The victory of the plant was supportive of the unimpaired colonial scheme, snug on the lineage of uncostly African labour, the damnation of the political autonomy of African communities and the resolute hostility of African modes of career. Plant is not the merely asset that was lost through colonial encroachment. Cattle, cultivation implements, labour and ethnical germinative were taken separate. African societies were domesticated up, their cultures ravaged and their identities erased. The allowable formulations of "restitution" or "redistribution" are too thin to seize the drift of the scheme of return. A forward-looking reparative scheme is indeferrible. Adapted: Ngcukaitobi, T. (2018) Plant could exact so sundry wrongs, https://www.timeslive.co.za/sunday-times/opinion-and-analysis/2018-07-07-land-could-right-so-many-wrongs/ accessed on 13 July 2018 Based on the lawyer’s arguments over, colonialism had an application on plant tenure (in SA). However, colonialism improbable opposed aspects of ethnical career. Discuss at smallest two problems that were brought by colonialism and insinuate feasible solutions for those problems. Use an issue of any country/nation of your select. N.B This is an close essay.