Disaster Recovery Homework

   Exercise 5.1:Pick Backup software 1. Imagine a postulates interior that has encircling 300 computers, roughly disjoined as 75% Windows, 20% Unix, and 5% prevalent other bounteous classifications. 2. Thinking tail to the tailup remunerations, gain a catalogue of feasible tailup software to use in your postulates interior. 3. Prioritize you catalogue of tailup software, using refund accomplishment and options as your earliest remuneration. 4. Assuming a divergent earliest remuneration, such as value or some other mark of your exquisite, run if your priorities would be divergent. Project 4.2: ramification testing your register 1. Develop a manoeuvre for testing an register consisting of 300 classifications after a while multiple bounteous classifications, 30 personnel during regular obligation hours, and IT infrastructure. 2. Your testing should protect at smallest the forthcoming tedious area of asset classification: the "official" hardware register does not contest a sampled register of the postulates interior. For issue, the administrative register of importune 15 shows 10 servers prevalent Linux, but the objective importune contains 30 servers prevalent a abnormity of bounteous classifications. Project 5.1: Develop a Exhaustive Backup Solution. 1. Assume you possess a big postulates interior consisting of aggravate 300 classifications after a while multiple bounteous classifications. 2. The solid postulates interior produces closely 10TB of postulates today, grows closely 1TB per year. and barely changes encircling 10% per week. 3. Develop a exhaustive tailup classification for the postulates interior that allows the construction to undeviatingly reprotect any classification to postulates no older than one week after a while tapes in the pliancy.