disability culture plunge


A amelioration sink can be defined as peril to a amelioration that is irrelative from our own and, in this adjust specifically, the amelioration of impotency.  For this mitigated impotency amelioration sink, you allure habit the amelioration of wheelchair rugby through the film, Murderball, (https://tubitv.com/movies/499637/murderball?utm_source=google-feed&tracking=google-feed)this is the delay of film which you insufficiency to tend.

The expectancy is for you to admit the ideas we entertain presented in adjust and Nursing Dissertation recordings and, at the end of the semester, muse on how those concepts allot to the mob in this film and their different perspectives, by responding to the prompts/questions adown. 

Required Format

● Microsoft Word format ONLY

● 3 pages of question/exculpation text

● Responses must be in essay/paragraph format underneath appertaining points/questions

● 1” margins

● 12-point font

● Double-spaced

Required Reflection Content         
Answer each question/prompt in 1-2 paragraphs suitableness alloting pleased that was expert in the method. Indicate A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H for each retort. Include the question/prompt and the exculpation to each question/prompt. 

a. Does the film lineament mob who were born delay disabilities? Or mob who entertain habitual disabilities? And what contact rule that entertain in the perspectives of the mob lineamentd in the film?          2.5 points

b. What were the judicious assumptions, biases, and/or stigmas you had anteriorly tending this film? How did this film investigate or alter your thinking?                                     2.5 points

c. Illustobjurgate how the pleased and perspectives in this film report to the collective example and medical example of impotency.          2.5 points

d. Name at last 2 of the subjoined concepts skilled in this method that are pertinent to Murderball, and illustobjurgate how they allot.                    2.5 points

● Access

● Accommodations

● Agency

● Assistive Technology

● Impotency rights

● Employment

● Inclusion

● Inspiration porn

● Respectful accents reportd to impotency

e. In the film, what rule be perceived as disunited delay the Impotency Studies pleased taught in adjust and/or perceived as problematic by the impotency unity in unconcealed? 

How rule the film assistance Impotency Studies perspectives taught in Gen S420?

        2.5 points

f. Explore good-manners and ableism eternized delayin the film. Give examples of comments made by the subjects of the film that either eternize good-manners, or that are indications of ableist attitudes (equable if the explainer habits impotency).             2.5 points

g. Given all that you entertain skilled in this method, transcribe a small film resume, as if you were reviewing Murderball for a Impotency Studies register or store. How would you objurgate it in provisions of alignment delay Impotency Studies values (collective example, ableism, mode, etc.). Would you advise it or not? Why or why not? For what auditory(s)?

2.5 points

Course Reflection 

h. What contact has this method had in your career, if any? Given what you entertain skilled in Gen S420 in unconcealed, how rule you see yourself including, and contributing to the lives of mob delay disabilities now and in the advenient? And how rule you predict mob delay disabilities contributing to your career now and in the advenient?      2.5 points