After critically balbutiation the provisions on Age, Ability , and Disability , you win transcribe a thought paper.     PART 1: AGEISM Questions:  How has your own experiment and study of minority tyranny and/or senior tyranny been resembling and/or incongruous from the experiments and studys feeling in the “Voices” Section? Whose voices are comprised in this provision? What additional voices dominion be comprised in this provision? What kinds of experiments or studys could be added to this exception? What are a few examples of intersections between minority and senior tyranny and other forms of tyranny? If you were to transcribe a recommendation (single incident) of your own experiment as a boyish peculiar and/or as an senior delay minority tyranny and senior tyranny, what would you comprise in that recommendation? Transcribe at last one liberal condition.  PART 2: ABILITY & DISABILITY    What is your reaction to the video abridge? What easily-under out for you? What stereotypes, prejudices and biases do living-souls feel towards mass delay disabilities? In what ways are mass delay disabilities discriminated over in employment? Education? Housing? Were you cognizant of the statics shared (e.g. High School standing rates for students delay disabilities is 57%, 72% of mass delay disabilities are useless, those that are filled win an pay that is half the open mean)? Do the statistics astonish you? What ableist viewpoints and practices at several levels (individual, institutional, and cultural) conduce to such problematic statistics?