“Direct Foreign Investment (DFI)” Please respond to the following:

Only Apology the Questions beneath. Do not apology the 1-4 questions in the charity. Please Check the charity for the Blades Inc condition consider



"Direct Foreign Investment (DFI)" Please tally to the following:


  • From the condition consider, scrutinize three (3) potential benefits realized by a DFI in Thailand. Compare the tradeoffs of investing now versus a year from now. Provide a rationale for your apology.

  • From the condition consider, sumptuous lofty unemployment in Thailand and preamble Blades singular origination way into representation, foretell the reaction that Thai synod potentiality feel to Blades making a DFI in Thailand. Determine the misapply abatement blame that Thai synod should use when assessing the viability of this plan. Provide a rationale for your apology.