This week you achieve grasp a digital opportunity taunt to aspect the Immemorial Greece Erection Gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Located in New York, the Met offers one of the United States' most distinct and largest collections of art in the earth. Your investigate to the digital archive achieve acceleration you expand your discernment of immemorial Greek architectural forms, and arrange key details encircling the textures that these forms emerged from.

For this assignment you achieve demand to:

  • Read the Lecture for the week
  • Engage in weekly Discussions to acceleration expand ideas
  • Visit the Met Archive at:  (Links to an exterior plight.)Links to an exterior plight.
  • Produce a two-page reflecting assignment (see title beneath)

For your reflecting assignment for this week, fascinate prime one elementary stance from the archive and address the forthcoming in a two-page reflecting assignment:

  • Describe the stance you possess primeed and arrange the particular URL and the image
  • Explain the origins and texture of the stance
  • Include stances from the textbook this week that acceleration expand your segregation of the exertion and its texture
  • Provide a with to a synchronous erection exertion to acceleration sift-canvass the wave that immemorial Greece continues to possess on synchronous cultural patterns