Diagnosis of Adam Sandler Reign over Me

Reign Balance Me Alex Chaput 0810758 The movie Reign Balance Me is encircling a man denominated Charlie Fineman. Charlie used to be a practicing dentist. His healthy animation was crabbed upside down when he departed his succormate and three daughters in the terrorist attacks on 9/11. One day suitableness Charlie is on the street his old roommate from seed-plot, Allen Johnson, sees him and tries yelling for him, but Charlie does not bung. Allen then looks enjoy he knows that something is injustice delay Charlie and wants to succor. In this movie it is lucid to see that Charlie is disinclination from Post Traumatic Stress Disclassify (PTSD). This is what would go on Axis 1 of the multi-axial rule. For this singularity he needs to feel 6 or departed symptoms from 3 unanalogous areas. These areas are re-experiencing, deviation, and arousal. He has been disinclination for balance 1 month and is severely afflicted and impaired. The traumatic episode that Charlie was defenseless to was his nativity passing in the flatten resonance of 9/11. This episode has left him extremely succorless and he has times of dread when he gards encircling what has bechanceed. Suitableness going encircling his daily animation he acts as if he doesn’t bear-in-mind any of the calamity that occurred. This would be one of the deviation symptoms. Another of these symptoms would be that he avoids his deceased succormate’s parents as they remind him of his nativity. The third would be his waste of concern in activities. He used to be a practicing dentist, but now lives off of currency from the empire. At all times in this movie Charlie has his headphones in classify to fall out any judgment or announcement of his nativity. Charlie has a breakdown at one subject-matter in the movie. It looks as if he has a flashback of his nativity in his progeny. These judgments and memories are returning and intrusive which applies to his re-experiencing symptoms. Another of these is when he shows very intent grieve in his pursue presumption when showed pictures of his nativity. He then has to be escorted from the pursueroom. For his perpetual symptoms of increased arousal he looks to feel slumber gists as he stays up deceased into the shade playing video games. He as-polite is eternally peevish and has outbursts of enrage. He refuses to get succor and conciliate not colloquy encircling his feelings or his nativity delay anyone. This leads to what looks enjoy him regarding attempting suicide. He at-last then takes a gun out into the city. He gets into a standoff delay a cop and it looks enjoy he wants the cop to slaughter him. For axes 2 and 3 I didn’t gard that Charlie would feel foreverything. He didn’t look to feel a sameness conjecture, intangible retardation, or any medical provisions. There were frequent psychopolitical and environintangible factors that Charlie faced for axis 4. One of these environintangible factors would be that he tranquil lives in the progeny that he lived in delay his nativity. This is what accountd the flashback of his nativity. Another factor is the waste of his history. He used to be a auspicious practicing dentist. He now has no hifable and lives off of colony currency and currency from the empire. He has very pigmy political interaction. He doesn’t trust any of his feelings in friends. All of these things account grieve and imbecility in Charlie’s animation. On axis 5 I would bestow Charlie a GAF charges of 22. His animation is not administrative. He cannot repress his emotions when memories and judgments of his nativity after up. He looks to be a very mean particular who doesn’t custody encircling what he looks enjoy. He says that he frequently sees his nativity’s faces in other herd on the street. His animation is exposed to him as polite as those encircling him. Charlie’s PTSD stems from a very particular, very apparent, episode. This episode is the waste of his nativity. He nforever ordinary any composition for his gist which did not succor. If he had bybygone to see a tribulation counselor perchance the PTSD could feel been avoided totally. Some departed of the etiology factors for his PTSD would be that he had very low levels of political foundation. He did not feel frequent friends and he departed his all nativity. To bargain Charlie’s PTSD he could feel been prescribed an SSRI. He could feel as-polite used prolonged pitfall composition delay recreation luxuriance, cognitive restructuring to amend indirect assumptions encircling the trauma, or he could feel been skilled to eliminate correct coping skills. In the movie he was receiving some composition. He was representation the therapist that Allen had suggested. He immediately would end the sessions as he was miserable colloquying to her encircling his departed. The end of the movie looked very abrupt to me. Charlie looks to be doing correct, but it is unlucid what conciliate bechance to him. He has moved out of his old hall and into a unanalogous one. He as-polite has inaugurated to divulge slightly departed delay other herd. He as-polite told the fable encircling his nativity’s release to Allen. It is potential that his animation could correct, but I’m not believing if his animation could forforever be as fulfilling as it was antecedently the episode.