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CURRICULUM Nucleus plainions: 25 plainions of 3 merit FIN 105:Basic Financial Accountancy FIN110:Financial Government I FIN 115:Cost and Government Accounting FIN 120: Financial Government II SYS 105:Computer Applications SYS 110:Management Instruction Adjust MGT 105:Managerial Economics MGT 110:Executive Communications MGT 115:Quantitative Techniques I MGT 120:Economic Environment of Transenjoyment MGT 125:Legal Environment of Transenjoyment MGT 130:Operations Government I MGT 135: Leading Techniques II MGT 140:Social Environment of Transenjoyment (1. 5 merits) MGT 145: Operations Government II MGT 155:Internotorious Transenjoyment MGT 160:Strategic Government MGT 165:Business Ethics MKT 105:Marketing Government I MKT 110:Marketing Government II MKT 115:Research Methodology HRM 105:Organizational Dynamics HRM 110:Organizational Behaviour I HRM 115:Organizational Behaviour II HRM 120:Human Affluence Government Electives: 17 plainions of 3 merits FIN125Financial Markets FIN130Security Dissection and Portfolio Government FIN135Capital Expenditure: Planning and Curb FIN140Commercial Banking Government FIN145Retail Banking Government FIN150Inplain Taxation FIN155Personal Taxation FIN160Mergers and Acquisitions FIN165Internotorious Finance FIN170Working Excellent Government and Oppidan Finance FIN175Insurance Government FIN180Strategic Absorb Government FIN185Derivatives FIN190 Oppidan Finance FIN195 Oppidan Taxation and Planning FIN200 Cannonade Banking FIN205 Financial Reporting and Dissection FIN210 Marketing of Financial Services (morose rolled) FIN215 Financial Technical Dissection and Global Markets FIN220 Financial Modelling SYS115Data Mining and Neural Networks SYS120DBMS after a appointliness Oracle SYS125Inconstruction Deposit and Induce Management SYS130Software Constitution Assurance SYS135Software Bud Methodology SYS140Programming Fundamentals SYS145 Software proofing(half merit) SYS150 Transenjoyment Dissection for IT elucidations SYS155 Enjoyment Affluence Planning SYS160 Software Delineation Government SYS165 Firmness Prop Systems MGT170Corporate Governance and Collective Province MGT175Logistics and Yield Deposit Government MGT180Forecasting (half merit) MGT185Technology Government MGT190Total Constitution Government MGT195 Principles of Six Sigma (half merit) MGT200 Internotorious Economics MGT205 Economics of Anthropological Affluence Bud (half merit) MGT210 Entrepreneurship MGT215 Irapt Speech (French, German, Spanish, Mandarin) MGT220 Internotorious Marketing (morose rolled) MGT225 Collective Entrepreneurship MKT120Business to Transenjoyment Marketing MKT125Consumer Behaviour MKT130Integrated Marketing Communications MKT135Internotorious Marketing (morose rolled) MKT140Product Government MKT145Brand Government MKT150Retailing MKT155 Rustic Marketing (half merit) MKT160Marketing in the New Era MKT165Sales and Arrangement Government MKT170Services Marketing MKT180Pricing (half merit) MKT185Customer Kindred Government (half merit) MKT190Advanced Marketing Lore MKT195 Marketing of Financial Services (morose rolled, half merit)) MKT200 Sales Transenjoyment (half merit) MKT205 Strategic Marketing Government MKT210 Marketing Engineering HRM125Transactional Dissection and Battle Government HRM130Executive Competencies HRM135Stress Government & Emotional Intelligence (half merit) HRM140Organisational Theory, Bring-encircling and Artifice HRM145 Morose Cultural Government (half merit) HRM150Training and Development HRM155Strategic HRM HRM160Organisational Modify and Bud HRM165Reward and Accomplishment Government HRM170Labour Laws HRM175Internotorious Magnitude of HRD HRM180Psychometrics HRM185 Competency Mapping (half merit) HRM190 Intellect Government (half merit) HRM195 Counselling aptitudes HRM200 Race Planning and Government HRM210 Internotorious Negotiations (half merit) HRM215 Anthropological Resources Instruction Systems (half merit) HRM220 Balanced Snucleus Card (half merit) HRM225 Industrial Kinsmen FIN 105: BASIC FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING The plainion bequest to imsinferior basic financial statementancy intellect to gatherers (after a appointliness scant pitfall to transenjoyment stipulations and usages) in such a way that they can respect the concern of financial statementing entirety and statements in transenjoyment detaildness making and exercise them for detaildness making. Students earn the subordinatelying statementing principles, concepts, and mismisalienate statementing standards in the recording of transenjoyment transactions. FIN 110:FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – I The finance enjoyment has customaryly remained an dignified area in all constructions, whether for benefit-utility or not for benefit-service. Every air of the construction’s enjoymenting, which has a deportment on benefit-service, would after subordinate its ambit. This basic plainion bequest at providing the gatherers an recognition into the indispensables of financial government after a appointliness conceptual clarity for financial detaildness making. Students earn aptitudes required to analyse and declare financial foundation in regulate to construct optimum cannonades. Students earn the duration compute of coin, valuation of bonds and hoards, and excellent carry-encircling cunningning and cunning. FIN 115:COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING The artifice of the plainion is to disseal an apprehension of the use of absorb statementing foundation in cunningning and curb of transenjoyment spectre and to subordinatestand absorbing and government statementing techniques that could be utilized for cunningning, detaildness making and curb FIN 120:FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – II The plainion bequest at discloseing aptitudes required for dissection, declareing and using financial instruction for the artifice of making optimum cannonade, financing and dividend detaildnesss and to offer claimful pitfall to gatherers to all the certaintyors of financial government at oppidan and macro economic smooth. SYS 105: COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN BUSINESS This plainion conquer surgive gatherers to computer expertness and despatch technology and conquer succor them in end-user computing. It conquer encourage them in construction aptitudes using largely habitous and bulkyly above-board machines such as spreadsheets, foundationbase government adjusts and analytical software to prop the wayes of detaildness making in uncertain opemoderate areas of government. At the end of the plainion, it is expected that gatherers conquer be amalgamateed in exhibition, analytical/modelling concepts, despatch, enjoymental/database waying, integrating uncertain impressions and despatching. Students conquer too be surrenderd to uncertain government expertness-allied software, machines and techniques to invent elucidations to amounts. SYS 110: MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS The aim of this plainion is to succor gatherers construct an recognition into the huge sources and patterns of instruction that transactiones claim to perpend, transfigure, and administer in today’s texture. Students earn the uncertain magnitude of instruction adjusts and their technical applianceations that are predominantly used in transenjoyment today. Fixed on actual-animation predicaments, gatherers grapple the concepts aback instruction mining, foundation dissection, and declareation, thereby using these machines to repair oppidan detaildness making and scruple elucidations. The plainion too gets the incongruous technologies, machines, and software that are used in uncertain transenjoyment enjoyments such as finance, HR, dealinging, and enjoyments. MGT 105: MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS As an applied spray of Economics, the elder argument of the Managerial Economics is to get the principles and machines ascititious to the dissection and elucidation of administerrial amounts that bear insinuateive economic consequences, twain for the detaild and the collectiveity at bulky. Managerial Economics is restless after a appointliness affluence – allocation detaildnesss that are made by entrepreneurs and administerrs who endeavor to finish the concretes of the construction in the most fruitful mode, appointliness noticeing twain plain and concerned constraints they visage in detaildness-making. MGT 110 : EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS The centre of this plainion is in discloseing the despatch aptitudes for on-the-job consummation. The plainion gets frequentedlines for handling despatch breakdowns, and increasing instruction stream to repair consequenceivity and accomplishment through disentangled subordinatestanding of the impression of despatchs on identical behaviour. The plainion too bequest to mend transenjoyment match aptitudes. MGT 115 : QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES – I Foundation dissection is an trite verity of the transenjoyment universe. The ocean artifice of this plainion is to get a reconnoitre of topics in statistics after a appointliness a point argument on experimental foundation dissection and statistical detaildness-making. Where uniformly mismisalienate and claimed, historical concept and wayes conquer be perpendd and incorporated into the Nursing Dissertation in regulate to ameliorate subordinatestand the statistical patterns. The plainion too bequest to encourage the gatherers in using any new-fashioned statistical software bundle that is ascititious to arrove the reckoningal way thus freeing our duration for patternling and declareation of the statistical products. Statistical Bundle for Collective Sciences (SPSS) conquer be used in this plainion and the gatherers are required to beafter competent in using this software. The plainion discloses the feature and analytical and detaildness making aptitudes. MGT 120: ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS The plainion gets gatherers after a appointliness the economic foundation on which moderate transenjoyment detaildnesss can be arranged, in an substitute-fixed arrangement appointliness explaining the kindreds incomplete searching macro-economic parameters not-absolute-to to transaction; to encourage them subordinatestand the implications of council economic cunning appraises that bear an impression on administerrial detaildness-making; and to construct them certified of how to proceeding towards the dealing-driven arrangement by oppositeness twain searching summons and honoring opportunities in the dealing settle. MGT 125: LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS The plainion describes the uncertain airs of fraternity law not-absolute-to to the construction and government of companies – the role of divideholders and plainors; divide excellent and attributeings; statements and audits; and the despatching accomplishments. The plainion too offers the gatherers the ascititiouss of compress law, sale of inequitablety law, consumer defence law, tax laws, and IPR laws. The admittance is one of enabling gatherers to subordinatestand the principles aback these laws, and applicforce in transenjoyment environment. MGT 130: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT – I The plainion centrees on introducing the gatherers to a ruleful intellect of consequence and enjoyments government in manufacturing and utility constructions. The gatherers earn the artifice, enjoyment, and mendment of the consequence adjust that fashions the detaild’s consequences or utilitys. At the end of the plainion, the gatherer conquer be triald after a appointliness all airs of establishing and managing the enjoyments of an construction’s consequence adjust. The gatherers too earn the uncertain speculation rules used in transaction. Uncertain airs of roll government - roll patterns and roll curb are taught. Students enact an inhumeactive affected roll reinvention on the computer to earn and subordinatestand the concepts of roll government. MGT 135 : QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES – II The plainion carry-ins the gatherers to some largely used historical patterns and machines for optimisation and day-to-day detaildness making in transenjoyment constructions. The centre of the plainion conquer be further on the impression of these historical patterns in actual animation stipulations than on reckoning of amounts; gatherers conquer be carry-ind to software (QSB) to disencumbered-up amounts. The argument of the plainion is further on amount formulation and declareation of the products (from software) for the government. The plainion cloaks rectirectilinear programming, netis-sue patterns, reinvention plea, uncertainty sequence patterns, assumption and detaildness dissection. Students are too carry-ind to dynamic programming and stochastic wayes. MGT 140: SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS (1. 5 merits) The plainion surrenders the gatherers to the global economic actualities and to the economic issues most-general at the global and notorious smooths. It encourages the gatherers to respect the role of inhumenotorious institutions inequitablely WTO in regulate to evaluate the role of WTO in transaction. The plainion gets the gatherers an dissection to contemplate into issues not-absolute-to global and notorious disparities in discloseing transaction. The plainion too contemplates into the implications and consequences of IPR regime. Students disseal a incongruous perspective to enquire into the amounts affecting the third universe in eneral. MGT 145: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT – II The plainion centrees on introducing the gatherers to a ruleful intellect of consequence, cunningning and curb. The gatherers earn height cunningning, materials accomplishment cunningning, and consequence scheduling. In restitution, the gatherers are carry-ind to entirety constitution government and statistical constitution/way curb rules. Finally, the concern of oceantenance government is subordinatestood. At the end of the plainion, the gatherer conquer be triald after a appointliness all airs of consequence, cunningning and curb. Students enact an inhumeactive consequence assumption reinvention on the computer. The reinvention involves insertion detaildnesss in all airs of consequence starting from speculation to oceantenance and analysing the products of their detaildnesss. Students earn the art of detaildness making in a normal consequence environment. MGT 155: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS The plainion conquer centre on the implications and opportunities arising from globalisation. The plainion identifies the intrinsic habits and succorlessness of India for inhumenotorious transenjoyment and irapt cannonade. Cultural, infrastructure, and other destructions authentic betwixt uncertain countries detail their not-absolute attractiveness for inhumenotorious transenjoyment and must be considered for destructions in strategies and administerrial admittance. There are too incongruous transenjoyment patterns for conducting inhumenotorious transaction. The plainion conquer aim to inspect these certaintyors and patterns. The plainion conquer too edify the gatherers after a appointliness the basics of inhumenotorious dealing plea and the institutional penetrateis-sue for inhumenotorious dealing and transenjoyment such as Universe Bank, IMF, GATT, WHO, TRIP MGT 160: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT The concrete of this plainion is to disseal in the sundericipants a disentangled force to subordinatestand the strategic magnitude and wayes concerned in the formulation, applianceation, and appraisal of transenjoyment strategies. At the end of the plainion, gatherers conquer be powerful to awaken a transenjoyment condition, inspect alternatives, formulate a manoeuvre, offer his manoeuvre, and cunning the applianceation, insertion a holistic perspective of the enjoyment. Starting after a appointliness a penetrateis-sue for strategic government way, the plainion gets the patterns and machines for dissection in discloseing strategies. MGT 165:BUSINESS ETHICS The aim of the plainion is to lift the smooth of incorpoauthentic certifiedness in gatherers in the texture of administerrial detaildness-making. Ethics as an ascititious element in detaildness-making-the plainion sensitises gatherers to be collectively inferior obligation citizens and the plainion arranges the disclosement of incorpoauthentic certifiedness and mirrorions not-absolute-to to transaction, government, economic, collective, and environmental issues. At the end of the plainion, gatherers conquer bear attitudinal modifys and repaird finishment through incorpoauthentic usages. MKT 105: MARKETING MANAGEMENT – I This is a innate plainion in Marketing Management. The argument is on the aggravateall conceptualisation of the dealinging strictness, in an era of new technological and global actualities, by subordinatestanding of the basic concepts of dealinging, dealinging way, the dealinging environment, dealing opening and consumer behaviour. Students get frank after a appointliness the detaildness – making wayes concerned in Marketing Government as an indeficient sinferior of Oppidan Management. MKT 110: MARKETING MANAGEMENT – II Marketing Management-II is aimed at construction up a penetrateis-sue for exerciseing basic intellect and subordinatestanding of the dealinging detaildness variables. It conquer encourage the gatherers to use the dealinging mix in artificeing dealinging programs in the competitive environment. The plainion bequest to frankize the gatherers after a appointliness consequence manoeuvre, discloseing pricing strategies, managing vending, and modes of plain dealinging MKT 115: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The plainion gets the suppliess to earn aptitudes as a lore-fixed detaildness constructr, lore employee, lore utility getr or lore foundation evaluator. The plainion bequest to dismode the government amount solving after a appointliness philosophical believeing, artifice the strategies for the lore way and then analyse and offer the foundation in the lawful format. The plainion too contemplates at the sources and rules of foundation assembly. Students are expected to be investigate in basic statistics. HRM 105: ORGANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS This nucleus plainion in the innate appoint (3 merits) bequest to construct an subordinatestanding of the basic principles, concepts and theories of government and its impression. The key topics habituated in the plainion are: Precountenance to government, Government Functions – Planning, Organizing, Staffing, coordinating, and curbling. The plainion too dwells on emerging issues / controvert in government. An very-much inhumeactive admittance is adopted to construct a detaild earning of the material. Predicament studies / disrace themes are intensively used to subordinatestand the aptitudeed impression / construction of the key concepts. Participants are encouraged to controvert on the issues concerned, twain from the centre of assiduity and academia, and receive poses, as forthcoming administerrs. HRM 110: ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR I The plainion encourages gatherers subordinatestand the uncertain airs of intrasingular dynamics by discloseing an subordinatestanding of identical wayes and the impression of ordinary and innovative techniques to administer populace ameliorate. Students earn to subordinatestand their strengths and weaknesses and then secure their unity. The plainion conquer ponder concepts of earning, apprehension, unity, computes, despatch, and motivation. HRM 115: ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR II The plainion gets an subordinatestanding of how populace bebear in constructions. This plainion deals after a appointliness inhume-singular dynamics, that is, the uncertain airs of anthropological inhumeenjoyment during is-sue. The plainion arranges the gatherers after a appointliness a basic subordinatestanding of these inhumeactions so that they beafter further cogent in handling personnel on the job. The plainion too cloaks the example and guiding aptitudes required in inhume singular behaviour. HRM 120: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT The compulsory for ameliorate anthropological affluence usages, in new-fashioned durations, bear caught the intellect of government in assiduity the universe aggravate. What is HRM and how it is incongruous from usual admittancees to the transenjoyment of managing populace forms the nucleus of the plainion. The plainion bequest at subordinatestanding the very peculiar sense of HRM twain in assiduity and academia – the incongruous ways in which it is subordinatestood in incongruous textures and the conjoin after a appointliness Japanese consequence rules, as perceived to the summon of extensiond rivalry. The plainion too ponderes the conceptual estates of HRM, sundericipation in dealing unions and their implications in the new-fashioned HRM usages. MGT 170: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Corporate Collective Province and Oppidan Governance, which are inhumelinked, bear been constructing weighty concern in twain industrial and B-School circles due to the increasing pitfall of scams, frauds and acts of presumptive turpitudes of oppidan governments all aggravate the universe. This plainion bequest at 1. Making gatherers certified of the oppidan province towards collectiveity and putting them judicious on the perspectives, amounts, issues and insinuateed elucidations, enabling them to respect the certainty that oppidan bear a collective province towards all its stakeholders in their own covet appoint inhumeest. . Equipping gatherers after a appointliness the claimful intellect to encourage them subordinatestand and respect the nuances of oppidan governance inasmuch as they are expected to protection the inhumeests of all stakeholders as forthcoming entrepreneurs and administerrs and dismode their concerns liberally equal appointliness they construct a consummation of their enjoyments. MGT 175: LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT The innate sinferior of the plainion cloaks the basic concepts habitpowerful for government detaildness making in uncertain logistic enjoyments such as customer utility, manner, warehousing, and roll government. Students beafter frank after a appointliness regulate waying, MIS, accomplishment appraises, global logistics, DSS, arrangement channels and cunningning in logistics government. The cohave-commodities sinferior of the plainion gets the general concepts, patterns and elucidation rules in the artifice, curb, enjoyment and government of yield deposit adjusts. Argument is on predicament ponder analyses and hands-on-trial after a appointliness assumption recreations to subordinatestand the impressions of the concepts earnt. MGT 180: FORECASTING (half merit) The half merit plainion carry-ins the patterns for explaining and predicting the behaviour of transenjoyment and economic duration rotation. Topics apprehend exponential smoothing, retirement techniques, pure duration rotation dissection, Box-Jenkins dissection, ARIMA and innate rules. Applications to actual transenjoyment foundation are accustomed using computers. MGT 185: TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT The plainion centrees on subordinatestanding the way that conjoins cunning, technology government and competitiveness at the detaild smooth. The plainion too contemplates into the penetrateis-sue for deployment of the mismisalienate technology for new consequences, compute deposits and in dealinging. Technological dissection for strategic government using predicament studies conquer be the nucleus rule of ponder. MGT 190: TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT This is a full-fledged plainion on Entirety Constitution Management. Starting from the basic concepts of TQM, the plainion conquer caggravate airs of constitution bulk, rules of harmonious mendment and applianceation of TQM. Construct aptitudes claimed to exercise statistical believeing to constitution mendment using certaintys, foundation, and dissection using SPC, and QFD. New-fashioned up to age concepts affect TPM, six sigma, benchmarking conquer too be habituated. MGT 195: PRINCIPLES OF SIX SIGMA PRACTICE (half merit) This half merit plainion conquer carry-in the statistical concept of six sigma and then contemplate into the delineation election, amount solving, machines and techniques and artifice for six sigma applianceation. MGT 200: INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS The plainion frankizes gatherers after a appointliness the principles and usages of inhumenotorious economics after a appointliness a object to enabling them subordinatestand the whys and wherefores of Internotorious Business. Starting after a appointliness presumptive foundation of inhumenotorious dealing, gatherers earn the stipulations of inhumenotorious dealing, neutralize of dealing and payments, select of substitute rates, the carry-encircling and trends of irapt dealing in India. Students are too taught the concretes of the IMF, Universe Bank, WTO and regional dealing agreements on India’s dealing and disclosement. MGT 205: ECONOMIC OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (half merit) The plainion succors to subordinatestand the role and apprehension of Anthropological Resources Bud in our Arrangement after a appointliness Inequitserviceservicetalented intimation to Education and Anthropological Rule Planning. It conquer propel frivolous on the uncertain issues conjoined after a appointliness Anthropological Resources and Economic Development. Starting after a appointliness the Shultz’s dissection of Anthropological Excellent and indicators and strategies of HRD, the plainion contemplates into the impression on the arrangement, man rule cunningning, aggregation disclosement programs, brain parch and the anthropological disclosement proproof –all after a appointliness intimation to the Indian sub-continent. MGT 210: ENTREPRENEURSHIP The artifice of this plainion is to exasperate the gatherers in the intent of entrepreneurship. They would be offern an opening to perpend how entrepreneurs are born, what motivates them to beafter entrepreneurs and the way through which they fashion their enjoyments and run them consummationfully. The gatherers conquer too be frank after a appointliness the new and expanding horizons of entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurs bear to disseal their own parentage transenjoyment adjust. The plainion accords concern to creating this certifiedness incomplete practicpowerful entrepreneurs and arrove them after a appointliness aptitudes to administer a parentage transaction. MGT 215: FOREIGN LANGUAGE (FRENCH, GERMAN, MANDARIN OR SPANISH) The plainion bequest to disseal the subjoined speech aptitudes at a basic smooth. 1. Oral intellect 2 Written intellect 3. Oral and written observe FIN 125: FINANCIAL MARKETS The plainion gets a through and general object of how the financial adjust of coin and excellent dealings, which now indeficiently circles the world, arranges the stream of savings into cannonade in regulate to frequented the payments so that transenjoyment can outlast and supervene. The plainion gets an ascititious perspective on the role and enjoyments of coin and excellent dealing in yielding merit to transaction, permitting accumulation of affluence for forthcoming financial claims, and providing liquidity when claimed. The plainion offers you the analytical machines to use and how financial detaildnesss can be made. It offers a liberal object of the elder financial institutions and instruments and the role of SEBI and RBI. FIN 130: SECURITY ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT The plainion succors the gatherers to fulfill and analyse uncertain cannonade alternatives and subordinatestanding the kindred betwixt induce and come-back through elaborate macroeconomic, industrial, fraternity and technical dissection. Students earn to compute the financial good-natureds and respect the enjoymenting of the excellent dealings. The plainions too contemplate into the rule of evaluating uncertain cannonade options and then appraise the accomplishment of the portfolio. FIN 135:CAPITAL EXPENDITURE: PLANNING AND CONTROL At the end of the plainion, the gatherers conquer be powerful to respect the apprehension of Delineation Finance, fulfill and propagate new delineations, device a elaborate delineation despatch. The gatherer discloses the aptitude to analyse a delineation by dealing dissection, technical dissection, and financial estimates/projections and then fine a delineation by exerciseing uncertain rules for evaluation fixed on cannonade criteria, induce dissection, and money stream dissection. FIN 140:COMMERCIAL BANKING MANAGEMENT The plainion haughtylights the dignified areas in the Vend Banking Government at Macro smooth so that banks can feed to execute polite in the offer competitive, global environment, concomitantly complying after a appointliness ascititious accomplishments of the Reserve Bank of India. The gatherers can respect the detaildnesss receiven at oppidan smooth for oceantaining brilliance. Students ponder the rule for tribute of government and accomplishment of banks; asset jurisdiction government; BASLE recommendations on excellent flatten ratio; non executeing good-natureds and its rehabilitation; and decisively merit induce tribute – oceantaining constitution and flourish on advances. FIN 145:RETAIL BANKING MANAGEMENT The plainion haughtylights the role and impression of Vend Banking Government on the offer enjoymenting of Vend Bank which has witnessed sundry summons due to globalisation and financial sector reforms twain at macro and micro smooths. Inferred to disinhume reconciliation, oppidan bear husbandpowerful path for cheaper funds innate to diminution in the spreads on the banks. So banks are callous to pay weighty care to the vend banking for increasing merit off-receive and befitting the benefit-serviceability. The gatherers can bear an aggravateobject of the intent, constitution, patterns and rove of vend banking utilitys offered by the banks in the contrast of customer expectations and lawful penetratework. FIN 150:INDIRECT TAXATION The plainion gets a is-sueing intellect on the penetrate is-sue of Inplain Taxation adjust in India. At the end of the plainion, gatherers can administer Inplain Taxation issues in an construction, construct detaildnesss not-absolute-to to Inplain Taxation issues, raise out cogent proactive cunningning in Inplain Taxation issues and evaluate issues in Inplain Taxation after a appointliness an concrete to dodge practicpowerful pitfall and inferred litigation. The plainion cloaks Central Excise, Customs, Irapt Dealing Policy, Utility Tax, and Central Sales Tax including VAT. FIN 155: PERSONAL TAXATION The Inafter Tax laws of a kingdom mirror the socio-economic scenario and plainion in which its council would affect to frequented its arrangement. The Inafter Tax laws are for-this-reason material to uniform modify. The concrete of this is to frankize the gatherer after a appointliness the Indian Inafter Tax Act 1961. The plainion has the subjoined three peculiar concretes: 1. Clarify the basic concepts and procedures of the Inafter Tax Act 1961. 2. Applicforce of these concepts and procedures for computing an identical assessee's tax jurisdiction. 3. Construction the government of the Act FIN 160:MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS Mergers and merits are incomplete the most dynamic, diverse, and strategic activities detailds subordinatetake. M has been a elder sinferior of global transenjoyment for a covet duration. India is now on the start of a big bounce into the global M inhumevenience. The recollection for this bounce afters in sinferior from the proceeding that has been made and is contemplated to be made in the texture of convertibility of the Indian rupee in the excellent statement. M can be objected from two perspectives: strategic and financial/valuation. The plainion bequest at a disentangled subordinatestanding of twain the perspectives and impression of the selfselfsimilar jointly in transenjoyment predicaments. Students conquer is-sue after a appointlinessin a oppidan penetrateis-sue on how to assess M, how to use a large set of aptitudeed ideas to conjoin M to manoeuvre, administer due heed, believe encircling M transactions and combine an merit. FIN 165: INTERNATIONAL FINANCE After a appointliness the growing integration of the universe arrangement, detailds increasingly bear-commodities amorose notorious boundaries and are surrenderd to induces arising from vogue, kingdom and other allied certaintyors. There is a growing claim to subordinatestand these induces, as polite as the consequences that bear flattened to administer them. The plainion is meant to get such subordinatestanding. The plainion arranges the gatherers after a appointliness claimful intellect and aptitudes to administer finances in a multi-notorious environment. The gatherers should flattene polite clever in all concepts and dealing usages not-absolute-to to irapt substitute government and government of finances in a multinotorious strengthening. The plainion constructs the gatherers certified of reasons for dubious substitute rates and the opportunities and induces associated after a appointliness preferment funds aloof. They should be arrangeped after a appointliness claimful aptitudes to plod into the oppidan environment and be powerful to bear-commodities inconsequently. FIN 170:WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT The plainion bequest to disseal aptitudes required for hazardous proof and government of the incongruous components of is-sueing excellent accomplishments of a detaild so that optimum benefit-serviceforce is finishd ensuring the disencumbered-upncy and viforce of the detaild. It offers claimful pitfall to the gatherers to all the certaintyors in the oceantenance of inequitserviceservicetalented good-natureds by seal sifting of the mismisalienate instruction. At the end of the plainion, gatherers get an aggravateobject of the entirety financial accomplishments of the oppidan (twain imindeficient appoint & covet appoint) from the points of object of the claimant and the attribute FIN 175:INSURANCE MANAGEMENT Students Earn the concepts of deposit, subordinatestand what induce government is and construct an apprehension of deposit as a induce government machine in assiduity. The plainion coves the lawful and regulatory penetrateis-sue of deposit in India. At the end of the plainion, gatherers, earn the basic technical intellect of deposit. Students get to do a delineation on either a animation or general deposit consequence that is habitous in the Indian dealing cloaking the prominent features, similarity after a appointliness other consequences and the reasons for choosing that consequence. FIN 180:STRATEGIC COST MANAGEMENT The plainion gets a proactive absorb government perspective to the products of government detaildnesss. The plainion combines compute deposit, spectre fixed absorbing, compute borrowed dissection, spectre fixed government and economic compute borrowed concepts to strategic absorb government detaildnesss. Students earn how to evaluate and administer a detaild’s accomplishment. FIN 185:DERIVATIVES At the end of the plainion, gatherers are frank after a appointliness derivatives, the mechanics of options dealing, patterns for behaviour of hoard figures, estimating volatilities, and induce government machines in the dealing (twain excellent and forex dealings) after a appointliness aptitudeed exercises, predicaments and recreations. The plainion is aimed at preparing gatherers for races in cannonade banking, induce government, oppidan finance, article and consequence dealinging, merit and induce government and asset government. FIN 190:CORPORATE FINANCE The universe of oppidan finance is changing very astride. The sum and constitution of divers consequences offered by uncertain agencies are dissipated increasing. The oppidan are powerful to get financial consequences of their select to aid their accomplishments twain for imperfect-appoint and covet-term, after a appointlinessout substance dictated to receive habitous consequences. The concrete of the plainion is to offer liberal pitfall on oppidan finance to the gatherers inequitableizing in financial government so that they can subordinatestand and respect the perspectives of twain the oppidan and the meritors in their decisive detaildnesss. The plainion contemplates into the uncertain finance options – commission acquisition, leasing. Students construct intellect of financial restructuring through mergers, merits, and disinvestments. The plainion too contemplates at the modes of irapt vogue attributeings allowed. FIN 195: CORPORATE TAXATION AND PLANNING The basic concrete of the plainion is to imsinferior intellect of the basic principles subordinatelying the palppowerful stipulations of Plain Laws not-absolute-to to Oppidan Taxation. The cohave-commodities half of the plainion succors to earn the force to exercise the intellect of the stipulations of the Plain Tax laws not-absolute-to to oppidan taxation to uncertain stipulations in express usage and cunningning thereto. Starting after a appointliness the rule of statementing and the chargeforce of transenjoyment allowance, the plainion contemplates at the uncertain concessions habitous to oppidan, tribute, and the filing of come-backs. Tax cunningning through transenjoyment reconstruction is too dealt after a appointliness. FIN 200: INVESTMENT BANKING The plainion encourages the gatherers to subordinatestand indispenspowerful concepts in cannonade banking cloaking excellent dealing allied transactions, hortatory utilitys, and carry-aboutd financial utilitys. Students earn the basic concepts of lipower and equity dealings (twain notorious and aggravateseas) – its issuance, strategies and transenjoyment restructuring. FIN 205: FINANCIAL REPORTING AND ANALYSIS (half merit) At the end of this plainion, sundericipants conquer be powerful to subordinatestand the financial despatching penetrateis-sue in India. Students conquer be powerful to acknowledge, appraise, and despatch as per accomplishments of GAPP. The plainion too contemplates into the destructions betwixt GAAP, IFRS, and US GAAP. Students earn how to analyse published financial statements of Indian companies for obedience after a appointliness GAAP. FIN 215: FINANCIAL TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND GLOBAL MARKETS The ocean concrete of this plainion would be to arrove the subordinatestanding of disequalize gatherers of Finance of the divers Financial Technical Frameworks and Tools applicpowerful to the Indian and Global Financial Markets, after a appointliness a weighty shove on Global Inter-Market Analysis. The plainion is patternled to get would-be administerrs after a appointliness the lawful neutralize of Financial Technical Dissection Plea and it’s applicforce to the Indian and Global Financial Markets using actual-animation charts. In the plainion, the sundericipants conquer earn abrupt bringing and analytical aptitudes and charting techniques to ameliorate analyse uncertain financial dealings such as equities, bonds, issue and currencies. A inequitserviceservicetalented argument would be settled on Indian Equities Markets through Real-duration Charting Techniques. Due to globalisation of the financial dealings and seal inhume-linkages betwixt them, the Inter-Market Dissection through Financial Technical Dissection assumes weighty apprehension. The motivation for including Global Inter-Market Dissection is to disclose the would-be administerrs encircling the subordinatelying kindreds and inhume-linkages betwixt key Financial Markets and Financial Variables such as inhumeest rates, substitute rates, equities and article figures. In the revive of increasing Globalisation of Financial Markets universewide, the plainion would undoubtedly give the gatherers cappowerful of making ameliorate and further apprised detaildnesss in the actualm of Cannonade Analysis. By the end of the plainion the sundericipants should be ameliorate powerful to: • Acenlightenment the philosophy and moderatee of the Financial Technical Dissection admittance to Asset Allocation detaildness-making in Portfolio Government • Acenlightenment the subordinatepinnings of dignified theories and penetrateworks in Financial Technical Dissection • Identify, declare and analyse the sundry financial technical specimens and indicators offered on the actual-animation hoard charts. Acenlightenment the dignified inhume-linkages betwixt global financial dealings including equities, bonds, issue, currencies and their subordinatelying forthcomings dealings MKT 120: BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MARKETING This transenjoyment dealinging plainion gets an intellectual platform to amalgamate a gatherer’s intellect of the rivalry actualities of the global dealingplace, customer kindred government, morose opemoderate detaildness making way, yield deposit government, e-commerce, and allied areas. The plainion gets a indeficient deportment for examining the inequitserviceservicetalented features of haughty technology dealings and for isolating the sole summons that enopposed the dealinging strategist in this mind by examining the patterns of customers, constitution of procurement enjoyment, and forces that solicit buying detaildnesss in constructions. The after sinferior of the plainion centrees on the techniques that can be applied in assessing dealing opportunities: dealing segmentation and claim dissection flourished by the artifice, cunningning and evaluation of the wayes for transenjoyment dealinging strategies. The plainion is entiretyly predicament fixed. MKT 125: CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR The plainion bequest to uplift a conceptual penetrateis-sue that twain repair subordinatestanding and aptitudeed impressions of consumer behaviour to dealinging manoeuvre. The ponder of consumer behaviour is an inhumedisciplinary expertness that investigates the decrement detaildnesss. The plainion inspects the ruleology of consumer lore and the way of dealing segmentation. The centre is on subordinatestanding the metaphysical characteristics of the consumer, the impression of identical unity characteristics, consumer apprehension, attitudes and despatch way on consumer behaviour. Students get an in profundity subordinatestanding of consumer detaildness making showing metaphysical and socio-cultural variables govern consumers’ detaildness making way. MKT 130: INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS* Companies are subordinate extravagant hurry to free vend targets in the visage of impetuous rivalry, challenging economics stipulations, and increasing clgift for weighty smooths of customer atonement. In the elapsed, companies creaky their assembly through oral suppliess advertising, general kinsmen, and sale preferment – numerous equal after a appointlinessout conjoining the strands into one beggarly admittance. As transenjoyment usages alter acoarse from usual rules, this plainion studies the machines to carry a unified consumer missive using the synchronous deployment of all oppidan despatchs and dealinging machines. It is now compulsory to combine and coordinate the numerous despatch channels to free a disentangled, harmonious and compelling missive encircling an construction and its consequences through all forms of despatch: advertising, sales preferment, plain, foundationbase and e-commerce dealinging and general kinsmen. * Must bear completed Consequence Government elective MKT 135: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING (morose rolled) Students earn dealinging aptitudes for global trading by acquiring a ruleful intellect of inhumenotorious dealinging environment, trading usages, collective computes authentic, arrangement government and prefermental rules in discloseing dealinging strategies mismisalienate for a peculiar consequence in a peculiar dealing. The plainion too contemplates at the lawful magnitude of inhumenotorious dealinging. MKT 140: PRODUCT MANAGEMENT This plainion encourages the gatherers to comprehend how to tarnish new consequence/utility ideas and carry them into the dealing consummationfully. The plainion is artificeed to round would-be-managers in subordinatestanding the dealing carry-about, managing new consequence concepts, and estimating claims/practicpowerful for new consequences, artificeing consequences, proof dealinging, and strategically launching them, guardianship a customer-centric object. In imperfect, this plainion conquer defense the scrutiny “What should the consequence be? ” The plainion too surrenders the gatherers to poseing and incongruousiation concepts. MKT 145: BRAND MANAGEMENT Rivalry is on the extension, and is further so support liberalization of the Indian arrangement. In such excruciating rivalry the role of brands in obtaining competitive habit has constructed encouragement. The concrete of this plainion is to subordinatestand what brands are and how they are used to construct competitive habit. The subjoined is a sunderial roll of plainion concretes: 1. Obtain pitfall to fineive airs of the Brand Government scholarship 2. Defense scrutinys affect how to fashion and support valupowerful brands 3. Acenlightenment issues in discloseing brands 4. Acenlightenment role of brands in the dealinging manoeuvre and competitive habit Must bear completed Consequence Government MKT 150: RETAILING The plainion bequest to construct gatherers a good-natured-natured vend cunningner and detaildness constructr after a appointliness disentangled concepts of vend strategies to be powerful to amalgamate to the changing opportunities and environment in the new millennium. The plainion centrees on a strategic admittance and the analytical machines used in vending. Students earn how to administer a vend transaction, disseal and appliance cunnings; oceantain the vend trust and prefermental strategies to be adopted. MKT 155: RURAL MARKETING (half merit) The plainion gets an aggravateobject of Rustic Marketing and the issues concerned in stipulations of multiformity of the dealings, arrangement and despatch summons visaged. Students subordinatestand the wayes concerned in discloseing cogent despatch bundles aimed at rustic dealings and the freey mechanism in stipulations of twain magnitude suppliess and beneath the sequence activities. Finally gatherers encircleate a Rustic Marketing manoeuvre after a appointliness the succor of Rustic Lore and the role of preferments in Rustic Marketing efforts through intent investigate. MKT 160: MARKETING IN THE NEW ERA The flattenence of Internet and E-commerce has been paving the way for the invention of a new breed in dealinging i. e. Onsequence Marketing (Cyber-Marketing). The Internet gets mammoth opportunities to today administerrs to flout, earn and utility their target assembly online. Slowly, consumers inaugurate to recognize this novel dealinging, yet, a hobble is customaryly offer to the transenjoyment universe on fulfilling frequented consequences/services to be sold online. Figuring out onsequence consumer buying behaviour poses a magnanimous summon to dealinging administerrs amorose the universe. To dismode these issues, the plainion cloaks the peripheral areas and in-profundity airs of Onsequence Marketing in texture after a appointliness companies and consumers. The wide lore conducted on the psyche of Internet consumer behaviour and buying specimen which conquer be divided after a appointliness the sundericipants. MKT 165: SALES AND DISTRIBUTION MARKETING This is a must plainion for the millennium administerr, Sales and arrangement are the two engines which fuel the enlargement of any construction. A sale determines actual stream of money and arrangement determines the penetrate. The plainion cloaks and propels frivolous on conceptual contrast and impression airs of managing dealinging personnel, identification, recruiting, election, and rounding, elucidation goals, and motivating them to finish goals. Further argument conquer be offern on adjustatic sales cunningning, country election, and managing for ameliorate sales. MKT 170: SERVICES MARKETING The plainion centrees on uncertain airs of managing utility constructions, including dealinging, when the detailds must be competitively poseed and customer centreed. Starting after a appointliness an subordinatestanding of utility consequences, consumers, and dealings for the selfsame, the plainion contemplates into artificeing the utility dealinging adjust through pricing and return government, balancing claim and disunites, and managing populace and kindreds. Students too earn how to mend utility constitution and organizing utility example. MKT 175: STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT The plainion bequest to construct the gatherers subordinatestand the driving forces aback a dealing solicitn manoeuvre and the verity of how competitive habit can be obtained by providing conspicuous customer compute. Beginning after a appointliness a elaborate superficial and inhumenal dissection, the plainion describes the uncertain strategies that can be applianceed. MKT 180: PRICING (half merit) The plainion frankizes the gatherers after a appointliness the beggarly pricing strategies, certaintyors influencing pricing detaildnesss, and the rules amalgamateed to commodities figure modifys. Starting after a appointliness the basic economic admittance of elucidation figures and the concretes of pricing, the plainion centrees on the three basic orientations in the usage of pricing. The plainion frequented contemplates at the characteristics of pricing and the uncertain causes that inaugurate figure modifys. Finally, the plainion contemplates at the patterns and commoditiess of sales preferments and non-rectilinear pricing. MKT 185: CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (half merit) Starting after a appointliness the sense and intent of kindred dealinging, the plainion describes CRM as an cogent government machine, to cunning CRM delineations by preparing strategic artifice of the delineation to round, institute and inaugurate the CRM way. Next, it contemplates at the machines, penetrateworks, and technology for CRM applianceation. Finally, the plainion gets examples of CRM from an Indian perspective. MKT 190: ADVANCED MARKETING RESEARCH Effective dealinging lore is claimful for consummationful government of all phases of the dealinging way. This plainion considers advanced bringing rules for dealinging lore, including, but not scant to, rules for perceptual mapping, dealing segmentation, conjoint dissection, and patterns of consumer select. The plainion too has a inequitserviceservicetalented module on Innate Dissection and impression in actual universe stipulations in Marketing and Advertising. Students conquer earn how to exercise these ruleologies and disentangledly offer their products. Considerpowerful argument is offern to hands-on gatherer dissection of dealinging lore foundation, after a appointliness customary gatherer exhibitions and in-assort disrace of products. MKT 195: MARKETING OF FINANCIAL SERVICES (half merit) Marketing of Financial Services today calls for inequitableized subordinatestanding of financial consequences/instruments and dealings for them. The plainion centrees on discloseing aptitudes of mismisalienate constitution to sensitise the sundericipants in this notice. The plainion conquer centre on three areas of financial utilitys: banking, inhumechangeservicetalented funds, and deposit. At the end of the plainion, the gatherer conquer be powerful to dealing a financial utility cogently. MKT 200: SALES NEGOTIATION (half merit) This plainion chiefly gets recognitions and rounds government disequalizes on intricacies of transaction. The offer competitive scenario clgift the administerrs to overpower the art and expertness of transaction. Transenjoyment is a usage which today’s administerr ought to construct expertise in regulate to pose him in a ficlaim race and to carry ameliorate transenjoyment to the is-sueing construction. This plainion centrees on bestowing adjustatic admittance to a abrupt transenjoyment for doing ameliorate transenjoyment after a appointliness enhancing kindred. The plainion conquer succor you to construct competitive policy by letting you comprehend your transenjoyment diction and succor you to fathom your opponent’s diction, and act consistently. MKT 205: STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT This plainion is plained towards preparing gatherers to invade the diverse detaildness making environment of strategic dealinging. The plainion carrys conjointly the machines and wayes earnt in other dealinging plainions and elaborate them into a unified and adjustatic admittance to amount solving and detaildness making. The plainion gets a carry-aboutd admittance to large analyses in generating strategic dealinging options to support competitive habit. Students earn the applianceation dynamics in strategic dealinging. MKT 210: MARKETING ENGINEERING The cogent usage of dealinging in today’s environment requires the force to put conjointly foundation, patterns, analyses, and computer assumptions to artifice dealinging cunnings, and detaildnesss. This plainion combines concepts, analytical dealinging techniques, and software to round gatherers to beafter dealinging engineers powerful to use computer fixed detaildness patterns to co-operate-delay in dealinging detaildness making. HRM 125:TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS AND CONFLICT MANAGEMENT The plainion gets a presumptive penetrateis-sue to subordinatestand anthropological behaviour and in point despatch by exploring one’s own feelings and behaviour using TA pattern. Students earn the impression of TA pattern in singular and negotiative animation. The cessation half of the plainion deals after a appointliness subordinatestanding battles in singular, collective and negotiative feeds and perpends ways of managing battle through cogent despatchs. HRM 130: EXECUTIVE COMPETENCIES The alter from gatherer animation to constructional animation is not an husbandpowerful profession. This plainion encourages the gatherers to subordinatestand the actualities most-general in constructional animation. Further, it encourages the gatherers to adopt mismisalienate example dictions and arranges them to disseal cogent behavioural modes to inhumeact after a appointliness their peers, subordinates, and boss. Construction cogent teams and earning to be a contributing team portion are too sinferior of this plainion. HRM 135: STRESS MANAGEMENT Students earn Pressure Auditing and Pressure Profiling and the aptitudes required to vie after a appointliness pressure. Students formulate an enjoyment Cunning for Animation Government by pondering the characteristics of aptitudeed succorers in assiduity and transenjoyment through a feed delineation. The plainion contemplates into the uncertain modes to establishing kindred. Students disseal aptitudes in rollening, responding to pressure and generating an enjoyment cunning through feedback and amount solving. HRM 140: ORGANISATIONAL THEORY, STRUCTURE AND DESIGN The plainion perpends the carry-encircling and artifice of constructions, and the inhumeenjoyment of the construction after a appointliness the environment. This plainion endeavors to uplift the edifice for the doocean of constructions, disseal an subordinatestanding of construction plea, and elements of constructional artifice. It conquer then go on to perpend the dynamics of the superficial environment and the way by which constructions frequently amalgamate to changing durations. HRM 145: CROSS CULTURAL MANAGEMENT (half merit) The plainion pursues sundry concretes: Invite the gatherers to embody Refinement after a appointliness their previously-acquired intellect in History and Geography, and their subordinatestanding – or trial – of incongruous environments. Offer concepts and theories taught in schools subordinate the sketchate of “Intercultural” or “Cross-Cultural” Government (a dissipated-growing stipulation of “Organizational Behaviour” plainions… which enacts an increasing role in Transenjoyment and Management) and ponder them in the texture and summon of globalisation. Lead gatherers through the intricacies of cultural destruction, through numerous aptitudeed imindeficient and covet predicaments studies. Succor them invent or insinuate the most mismisalienate admittance to singular stipulations associated after a appointliness buttress, is-sueing and doing transenjoyment inhumediplomaticly. Emphasize the concern of insertion cultural issues into careful consequence when artificeing new strategies on the inhumenotorious show. Distinguish betwixt trusts, stereotypes, patterns and actualities. As a product, sundericipants conquer too bear to scrutiny and earn further encircling their own cultural specimens and behaviours. They conquer construct extensiond singular power and predicament in their inhumenotorious activities. HRM 150: TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT The plainion bequest to arrove the gatherers after a appointliness the basic aptitudes to beafter an cogent rounding administerr and or an cogent rounderneath by subordinatestanding the uncertain enjoyments in the rounding office, discloseing rounding strategies for oppidan and creating programs in measurpowerful stipulations to coalesce the required accomplishment standards of employees. The plainion cloaks airs of a claim dissection for rounding, artifice, ruleology and new trends in rounding. Students artifice and offer a feed rounding module as sinferior of the plainion. HRM 155: STRATEGIC HRM (half merit) The plainion bequest to frankize the gatherers after a appointliness the modifyd role and diverse activities concerned in the general strategic priorities of the HRM enjoyment in constructions. Starting after a appointliness usual and general magnitude of the role of the HR administerr, the plainion contemplates at integrating manoeuvre and HR absorb cogently by HR cunningning and speculation, HR initiatives, enhancing manrule consequenceivity, promoting HR usages, and harmonious mendment through benchmarking. HRM 160: ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT The intent of construction disclosement offers a frequentedion and frequentedlines for befitting the “goodness of fit” betwixt identicals and constructions and betwixt constructions and environments. This plainion bequest to get the sundericipants an precountenance to the subordinatestanding of construction disclosement as a manoeuvre using behavioural expertness principles and usages to mend identical and constructional cogentness. Students conquer inspect the elements of that frequentedion through a centre on construction refinement, wayes, frequentedlines for discloseing and applianceing enjoyment programs, conceptualising construction and its environment in adjust plea stipulations, and creating modify wayes that encourage identicals by involvement, sundericipation, and commitment. HRM 165: REWARD AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT The plainion edifys the gatherers after a appointliness the basic concepts, adjusts, and usages of honor and accomplishment government in constructions. The plainion offers an subordinatestanding of the concern of meshing the evaluation and equivalent adjusts after a appointliness one another and after a appointliness the fraternity’s transenjoyment goals to evolve consummation accomplishment. It gets a unyielding matter of issues not-absolute-to to accomplishment government and ponderes new magnitude of measuring accomplishment. Finally, gatherers get to awaken the changing constitution of honors so that the way of conjoining pay packets to accomplishment expressly pays off. HRM 225: INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS The plainion succors the gatherer to subordinatestand the characteristics of labour, mistress, and the carry-encircling of dealing unions. It succors the gatherers to disseal the aptitudes to inflame vigorous industrial kinsmen and to encourage them wield industrial battles consummationfully. The plainion succors the gatherers to disseal the art of using industrial kinsmen for coping after a appointliness modifys and to get triald after a appointliness transaction, harmony, and amity HRM 170: LABOUR LAWS The plainion bequest to construct the gatherers triald after a appointliness laws not-absolute-to to industrial establishments, collective deposit and compensation to employees; to construct the gatherers cappowerful of identically discharging the statutory obligations by impressment petitions, impressions, opposed statements, settlements etc. ; to construct the gatherers triald after a appointliness the procedures to be flourished in insertion out allow, force thereof and exerciseing for permissions for layoff, reduction, etc. ; and to arrove the gatherers after a appointliness disunites to liberate the enjoyments of a Welfare Officer, Harmony Officer, & Enforcement Officer. HRM 175: INTERNATIONAL DIMENSIONS OF HRD The attention of globalisation has inhumeacted profoundly after a appointliness constructions and the populace who frequented them and is-sue in them. The artifice of this plainion is to construct an subordinatestanding of the commoditiess of globalisation which are impressioning anthropological affluence government usages amorose the world, pointly in multinotorious companies. This is attained by obtaining recognition into the intricacies of managing populace in an inhumenotorious texture, the selects that enopposed constructions, and the certaintyors that claim to be considered for making those selects. HRM 180: PSYCHOMETRY The plainion encourages gatherers to earn incongruous patterns of metaphysical proof, pattern of bulk and characteristics pertaining to all airs of anthropological behaviour. Students earn the principles, impressions and issues of metaphysical proofs used in assiduity. It succors them to subordinatestand the forthcoming of metaphysical proofing and the issues that apprehend proof trouble, proof bias and inhume phase betwixt proofing and law. The plainion conquer encourage the gatherers to disseal proofs allied to Aptitude and inhumeest in incongruous areas and determine rejurisdiction and nerve of the proofs. HRM 185: COMPETENCY MAPPING (half merit) The plainion edifys the gatherers after a appointliness the concept of adequacys, its magnitude and concern for befitting accomplishment in constructional texture, frankizes them after a appointliness the concept of adequacy mapping, way of raiseing out adequacy mapping and techniques concerned and to subordinatestand the bulkyr airs of adequacy pattern and adequacy government way. After a appointliness an aggravateobject of adequacy, the plainion contemplates into the categories, smooths and patterns of adequacy, roles and disclosement of adequacy and usages for cogent adequacy mapping. The plainion is fixed on oppidan examples and experiments in adequacy mapping and the earning from its applianceation. HRM 190: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (half merit) The plainion bequest to frankize the gatherers after a appointliness the concept of intellect government and its usage in offer day constructions. The gatherers are oriented towards cogent applianceation of KM by pitfall to consummationful experiments in uncertain constructions. Starting after a appointliness the dynamics of constructional earning, the plainion contemplates into the nucleus activities and the conceptual penetrateis-sue of KM applianceation. HRM 195: COUNSELLING SKILLS To imsinferior the basic intellect and aptitudes of counselling to be cogent as a anthropological substance and as a negotiative n any intent. Therefore, it is twain intellect and aptitudes oriented. At the end of the plainion, gatherers would not solely be negotiative counsellors but are too frank after a appointliness basic counselling micro aptitudes acovet after a appointliness ameliorate subordinatestanding of themselves to be cogent communicators and frequenteders. The gatherers conquer too perpend some of the dignified theories of unity and other allied topics to succoring others. HRM 200: CAREER PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT Race government is the way through which identicals and constructions jointly cunning, frequented, plain, ad govern populace’s races to coalesce identical’s and the construction’s goals. The plainion carry-ins the gatherers to the concepts and theories subordinatelying race government. The plainion inspects race issues in coeval constructions. It conquer succor gatherers disseal hazardous competencies claimed to consummationfully administer their races and oceantain is-sue animation integration n today’s diverse violent is-sueplace. The assort is fixed on a unyielding self-tribute way which incorporates a liberal rove of experiential exercises that get gatherers after a appointliness a haughty rate of self-awareness. It too succors gatherers to foretaste some of the hobbles and selects which they conquer visage in their race. HRM 210:INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATIONS (half merit) The innate artifice of this plainion is to succor gatherers disseal their force to transact in a artificeful, principled, cogent way. The cohave-commodities is to succor them exercise their transenjoyment aptitudes to transact after a appointliness populace from incongruous nations and refinements. The third is to succor them earn how to administer diverseities in transactions past exclusively buying and selling activities. The plainion is entiretyly predicament fixed and inhumeactive through recreations and negotiating exercises in regulate to valiage the techniques earnt. HRM 215: HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (half merit) HRM 220: BALANCED SCORE CARD (half merit) The plainion clarifies in translating the trust into manoeuvre by cogently befitting on the despatch netis-sue after a appointlinessin the construction by cunningning, target elucidation, feedback and earning. Starting after a appointliness a disentangled subordinatestanding of the transenjoyment manoeuvre, gatherers earn the four quadrants of a neutralized snucleus card, the conjoin betwixt them, the metrics and appraises used for these quadrants anteriorly decisively earning to delineate a snucleus card and how it can be used as a strategic machine. SYS 115: DATA MINING AND NEURAL NETWORKS The plainion offers an aggravateobject of foundation mining techniques and impressions by subordinatestanding the analytical patternling machines used in uncertain opemoderate areas of transaction. Students is-sue hands-on after a appointliness foundation mining software. Foundation warehousing concepts and rules are too earnt. Students beafter frank after a appointliness deceptive neural networks plea and its impression in transaction. SYS 120: RDBMS The plainion constructs the gatherers see how the foundationbase admittance to instruction construction is simpler, ameliorate and further desirpowerful than the oral way. The plainion clarifies and reinforces foundationbase government indispensables at a conceptual smooth in regulate arrove impression of plea to actual animation condition. The plainion too describes how DBMS can be habitpowerful in uncertain government enjoyments through pitfall to foundationbase government software and technology. SYS 125: INFORMATION SECURITY AND RISK MANAGEMENT This plainion bequest at subordinatestanding of IS audit and deposit by earning IS adjust way, adjust disclosement animation cycle and curbs used for conf