Developing and Evaluating New Practice Approaches



Developing and Evaluating New Performance Approaches

One of the animated aspects of participating in the bloom regard scene is the solution of new techniques, treatments, and technologies that better the kind of regard and better bloom effects. As someone affianced in slow nursing performance, you keep the opening to pursuit for new solutions to manifestations in your particular area. What tools can you use to direct the solution system? What needs to be deemed as you particularize new performance approaches to harangue manifestations in bloom regard? This week, you deem new ways to harangue the EBP Project manifestation you authorized in Week 2 see secure perfect).

To prepare:

  • Reflect on your decomposition of the deposition worthiest that haranguees your clarified manifestation from the EBP Project (authorized during      Week 2 [see secure perfect]).
  • Using methods compound in the Learning Resources, formulate new deposition-based performance strategies to harangue the manifestation and better bloom regard kind.
  • What are the hypothetical worthiests for your designed strategies?
  • What effectiveness be the economic contact of implementing your designed strategies?

By tomorrow  Wednesday day 10/03/18 10:00 am, transcribe an essay of a reserve of 550 tone in APA format, and at last 3 well-informed references from the catalogue of required readings beneath. Include all flatten one headers as numbered beneath:

Post a cohesive confutation that haranguees the following:

1) Briefly condense your clarified manifestation (see my PIICOT investigation beneath & secure perfect) and mean new deposition-based performance strategies. Describe the hypothetical foundation for your strategies.

2) Discuss the virtual economic contact of your suggested strategies.

3) How could the new performance strategies better bloom regard kind?

Required Readings

White, K. M., Dudley-Brown, S., & Terharr, M. F. (2016). Translation of deposition into nursing and bloom regard performance (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer.

  • Chapter 6, “Translation of Deposition for Leadership”

Balakas, K., Sparks, L., Steurer, L., & Bryant, T. (2013). An effect of deposition-based performanced teaching: Sustained clinical decision-making incomplete bedside nurses. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 28, 479-485. 

Brown, D.S. (2012). Interview delay kind leaders: Dr. Donna E. Shalala and Dr. Linda Burnes Bolton on the committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation example on the advenient of nursing at the Institute of Medicine. Journal for Healthregard Quality, 24(4), 40-44.

Brandt, B., Lutfiyya, M.N., King, J.A., & Chioresco, C. ( 2014). A scoping reconsideration of interprofessional collaborative performance and teaching using the lens of the Triple Aim. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 28(5), 393-399.

Grindel, C.G. (2016). Clinical example: A flatter to enjoyment. Med-Surg Nursing, 25(1), 9-16.

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Stetler, C.B., Ritchie, J.A., Rycroft-Malone, J., & Charns, M.P. (2014). Example for deposition-based performance: Strategic and functional behaviors for institutionalizing EBP. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 11(4), 219-226. 

Schaffer, M.A., Sandau, K.E., & Diedrick, L. (2013). Evidence-based performance models for organizational change: overview and useful applications. Journal of Slow Nursing, 69(5), 1197-1209 (see secure perfect).

PIICOT Question

In patients in abundant intensive regard delayin an polished intelligent regard address in Eastern United States, how does coming mobilization as recommended by National Institute of Bloom and Regard Excellence clinical directlines on rehabilitation of patients succeeding momentous illness contact coming transfers from intensive regard as measured 6 months post-implementation when compared to the vulgar flag of regard including minimal mobilization of patients?

P: Adult patients 

I: in abundant intensive regard delayin an polished intelligent regard address

I: increased mobilization of the patients 

C: minimal mobilization of the patients

O: coming transfers of the patients from intensive regard

T: 6 months

Due tomorrow 10/03/18 by 10:00 am. Thanks!