Develop a Set of Recommendations

Instructions You entertain equitable been compensated as a healthcare director for a healthcare adroitness agoing to ameliorate its power established. As you abate into your new role, one of the foremost tasks you are pregnant after a while is to direct the power assertion and consecutive amelioratement attempt aimed at addressing fall-related incidents in your adroitness (you can re-examination the Week 1 assignment for control).  At this juncture, the power amelioratement team is agoing on identifying meaningful measures for axioms store and monitoring aggravate interval. As the power team prepares to engage and unbiased on the dainty of these meaningful exploit measures, you flow to transcribe a memo to the power team after a while recommendations for factors they deficiency to ponder when choosing and prioritizing these measures. Write a memo detailing your apex and rationale. At the restriction, secure your memo addresses/considers the following: 1. Your organization’s strategic sketch. 2. The deficiency for a holistic set of measures that includes measures from the structures, processes, and outcomes. 3. Stakeholders’ share. 4. Compliance and accreditation. Length: 1-2 pages (notwithstanding heading and intimation page) References: Include a restriction of 2-3 peer-reviewed, conversant instrument. Your assignment should contemplate conversant academic answerableness, running APA standards