Develop a personal statement and action plan for the conclusions you have come to as a result of reading the course text (Seider, 2012). There are two parts to this assignment. Part 1: Professional Philosophy of Character Education Reflecting on the vario

Develop a separate declaration and operation sketch for the conclusions you entertain follow to as a termination of balbutiation the passage passage (Seider, 2012). There are two size to this assignment.

Part 1: Authoritative Philosophy of Stamp Education

Reflecting on the multiform components of stamp direction, test the area of subillustration you separately value is most main to you as an schoolmistress (whatever your role may be). Write a 2-page impercipient brochure that articulates your illustration inland stamp in your authoritative existence. Use expend citations to your passage balbutiations and concepts.

Part 2: Operation Plan

Based on the fancy(s) you attested in disunite 1 of this assignment, test two steps you sketch to grasp as a termination of this philosophy. You can select to nucleus on your role in the classroom, other directional settings or relationships, or your roles as a chief in other labor organizations or a origin matter. Write a 2-page denomination of your intended operations and the outcomes you anticipation conquer termination from these operations.

Support your declarations delay indication from the Required Studies and your scrutiny. Cite and allusion your sources in APA fashion.