Detailed Job description for Immigration purpose(Sample have attached) for Specialty occupation RFE response purpose

 Here is the job name i bear sent for Immigration Purpose. The response should be rooted rasp format. · Involve in software outgrowth morals cycle (SDLC), which includes requirement-gathering, cunning, coding, testing. · Implement lithe methodology throughout the device outgrowth moralscycles. · Cunning Sequence diagrams, Deployment diagrams, Dataflow diagrams, and Class diagrams using UML, Rational Rose and Rational Software Architect (RSA). · Responsible for anatomy, cunning, outgrowth and integration of backend components using J2EE technologies such as spring Frameworks and Spring JDBC. · The front-end use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Angular JS and Bootstrap to elevate a only page web app that join after a while back-end via RESTful API. · Develop web utility for web provision components using Restful API. · Perform CRUD operations on JSON and XML formatted RESTful web utilitys with OAuth and OAuth2 authentication protocols. · Create manifold spring boot and spring batch contacts to concatenate them to manifold groundsbases and created queries to repair grounds and change the tables for the groundsbases.  work after a while AWS darken Administration which includes EC2, S3,EBS,VPC,ELB,AMI,SNS,IAM, LAMBDA. Define best practices encircling migrating contacts and required groundsbases to AWS and other darken utilitys. Work air-tight after a while the contact endowment team and automation oppurtunities for installing, and maintaining Databases technologies, elevateing, deploying, and monitoring.   · Strong agreement in PL/SQL and SQL and serviceserviceable to transcribe SQL inquiry. · Database designing and tables, overpower grounds creation in the groundsbase. · Create and qualified Complex SQL Commands. · Use GIT, Bitbucket, and Source Tree for versioning and managing branches