Design a LAN

Your team has been asked to artfulness a LAN for a very fortunate CPA fixed after a while five offices in one structure and a completion of 560 employees. Currently, the fixed has no networked computers, and it is unconcealed to any suggestions your team can extend. The fixed does own a few requirements:

  • It wants to find indisputable that it can easily spread its LAN in the advenient after a whileout honorable costs and tender a lot of equipment.
  • Every office must own very unswerving entrance to the LAN.
  • The LAN must stay up at all times.
  • Must use Windows 7 careless rule.

As a team, particularize what bark of LAN your team gain artfulness for this fraternity.

Deliverable Instructions:

  • Devise and adapt a 3-4 page suggestion.
  • Use your assemblage argument board or assemblage potential classroom to debate the adit your team gain transfer.
  • As a team, compose a 1 page constabulary analysis to digest your artfulness, and 2-3 page disquisition after a while diagrams encircling the minute network artfulness.
  • Put them into one Word document