Demonstrate your understanding of financial concepts by completing


Assessment Instructions

Demonstreprimand your agreement of financial concepts by completing the forthcoming problems. Where misappropriate, semblance or clear-up your effect. You may use Excel to effect the problems.

Problem 1.Cash Equation: Bettendorf Corporation has a capacity net expense of $17,800. The society's long-term liability is $6,900. Its net effecting excellent, yet specie, is $1,600. Its unroving effects are $21,300. How ample specie does the society accept? If the exoteric liabilities are $2,575, what are the exoteric effects?

Problem 2. Rights Offerings: Borkin, Incorporated is proposing a fairs gift. Currently, there are 560,000 shares uncollected at $85 each. There allure be 65,000 new shares offered at $84 each. Calculate each of the forthcoming:

  • The new chaffer estimate of the society.
  • The estimate of fairs that are associated delay one of the new shares.
  • The ex-rights expense.
  • The estimate of a fair.

Problem 3. Using Spot and Obtrusive Diversify Rates: The spot diversify reprimand for the Canadian dollar is Can $1.14 and the six-month obtrusive reprimand is Can $1.17. Calculate whether a U.S. dollar or a Canadian dollar is expense further.

Problem 4. Cross-Rates and Arbitrage: The Japanese yen diversify reprimand is ¥96=$1, and the British tritureprove diversify reprimand is £1=$1.72. Calculate the cross-reprimand in conditions of yen per triturate.