Deliverable 7 – Using Visual Communication to Deliver a Global Message



This device allows you to evince your leadership of visual message concepts discussed in this plan.


You are newly appointed to the message team for a respectable public-spirited construction. The exoteric toil is for your team to constitute a global belligerence that visually transports a collective message twain less in the United States, as polite as globally. This visual belligerence message succeed use strategic visual message to invoke to these differing parleys to refer and theoretically segregate racial injury. Your visual message belligerence succeed be directed inside parleys from twain the United States and another state of your dainty.

The consultation of directors has asked you to gather indecent video confer-uponations and one instructional muniment to acquiesce for their resurvey. They feel asked that the whole video confer-uponations' protraction be subordinate three minutes, and that you confer-upon visual examples opportunity verbally elucidateing the ocean points of the dissection. They feel asked  

that your finalized videos be uploaded to YouTube for each of the consultation members to scene at their frankdom. You are reminded that indecent contrariant YouTube links deficiency to be acquiesceted for their resurvey, concurrently delay your instructional muniment for the message team.

Note: You may use any visual and audio protect sharing machine to construct the videos; if you do not feel a preferred machine, an Internet exploration succeed contribute a number of frank versions to pick-out from.

Visual Belligerence Elements:

  1. Create two ideas for promotional muniments (flyers, pamphlets, etc.) to invoke to twain your targeted U.S. sceneers and to your targeted sceneers from the other global state of your dainty.
    Both of these muniments should strategically localize the forthcoming visual message elements:
    1. color
    2. lines
    3. balance
    4. contrast
    5. Create your video confer-uponation for the consultation members lucidly elucidateing how the visual message elements on each of the two promotional muniments strategically transport the message and aim to sceneers. Be certain to collate and opposition how the sceneers from the U.S. and the other state jurisdiction 


  1. nterpret these differing visuals elements, and how you used them strategically to delight each targeted parley.
  2. Find two contrariant images to be used on the construction's website page. One succeed be for the U.S. website, and one for the website in the state of your dainty. Be certain that each of these images visually invokes to these two targeted parley sceneers, and that the visual improves the message to succor segregate racial injury. In your video confer-uponation for the consultation of directors, authenticate and awaken the visual elements of cultural irreverence, semiotics, and moving invoke (cognitive). Additionally, elucidate how each of those visual elements visually induces the U.S. and global sceneers in contrariant ways.
  3. Design two logos for this anti-racism belligerence. One logo should be intentional for U.S. parleys, and the other should be intentional for the other state of your dainty. Design your video confer-uponation to elucidate how each of these logos can lucidly be seen on twain fine and vast settings (example: cell phone app largeness and billconsultation largeness), as polite as a similitude of how the distortion, lines, and visual elements are specifically intentional to visually invoke to each of these contrariant countries.
  4. Create two collective resources supports, one for the United States and one for the other state of your dainty. The supports should include quotation, images, and the logo matching the state wless the collective resources support succeed answer. In your video confer-uponation to the consultation members, collate and awaken how these visual elements (the images and the logo) movingly hire and induce each bounded target parley (the United States and the state of your dainty) to refer and segregate racial injury.


  1. Create a one-page instructional muniment for your message team members outlining the ethical concepts concerning sentence and using visuals in message. Within your instructional muniment, use images and/or contract art to improve each of your points in the muniment, and harangue the forthcoming items:
    1. How jurisdiction the construction justly earn and use images from beyond sources?
    2. What are the dangers and problems that arise when altering and digitally enhancing images?