Deliverable 7 – Cross-Platform Digital Marketing Plan

Competencies Evaluate the role digital marketing plays in overall marketing diplomacy. Interpret how to artifice and enact exploration engine akin marketing diplomacy. Compare how irrelative political instrument channels give to consultation marketing objectives. Examine movable and email marketing wayology. Outmethod a cross-platform digital marketing artifice that provides compute and promotes promise. Classify facts analytics and reporting ways for tracking digital marketing promise. Scenario Information Your exercise dignitary has tasked you delay creating a cross-platform digital marketing artifice that the Costa's Customs can appliance. You bear been asked to embody your instruction of digital marketing and mind of Costa's drapery market in a slide delivery for the ruler team which encloses five other directors and the CEO. You were reminded to enclose details of how each digital marketing way procure categorically contact the association's goals of becomeing sales and increasing stigma awareness. Instructions You bear been asked to cause a PowerPoint slide delivery to be presented to the ruler team that touches on all digital marketing ways from modules 02, 03, and 04 that you previously analyzed. These choices procure insufficiency to be befriended and justified by twain your mind of the contact digital marketing should bear and the results from your facts segregation in module 06. You procure too insufficiency to actively increase out a digital marketing artifice that you literary how to cause in module 05. Although you won't actually be presenting, you should enclose inferential notes in the notes exception for each slide that could obey as a transcript. Remember your hearers when creating your delivery and enclose the aftercited slides: Title slide Supply a further inferential and in-depth birth segregation than solely servile what is in the association enhancement muniment. List and limit Costa's customer personas. Discuss association's onmethod competitors. Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the association's collocation. Talk encircling uncertain collaborations the association can employ in to become its interest. Describe the interest temperature Costa's operates in. Demonstrate the role digital marketing should bear on twain sales and stigma harvest. (module 01) Provide examples of how the association can intentiont their stigma via digital channels and livelihood your recommendations delay your rationale. Give examples of digital strategies used to retail Costa's usage method of drapery onmethod and livelihood your recommendations delay your rationale. Create a blank slide that encloses a tabulation of why your digital marketing artifice should be applianceed by the ruler team and how it procure be measured to secure it is fortunate.