Deliverable 3 – write an executive summary explaining fifo and lifo


APA frameat/ no plagarism 

















Analyze decisions that collision the healthcare bestowal order.









The Gotham City Hospital, a mid-sized hospital, has remunerated you as an free consultant for healthcare organizations. They entertain requested an constabulary digest, between 3-4 pages that explains to their conduct team (administrators and medical staff) the separation between FIFO and LIFO bestowal orders. The digest needs to protect twain the risks and benefits the two bestowal orders could entertain in the procurement and use of medical media at the hospital.

Write an constabulary digest of at last 3 pages comparing and contrasting the use of FIFO and LIFO supply chains in a healthcare enhancement.

Make unmistakable that the Constabulary Digest includes the following;

  • Address the benefits and risks of using a FIFO bestowal order in a healthcare enhancement.
  • Address the benefits and risks of using a LIFO bestowal order in a healthcare enhancement.
  • Make a recommendation installed on your elaboration and back it up delay evidence.

NOTE - APA frameatting in the relation inventory and suitable phraseology, punctuation, and frame are required. APA succor is advantageous from this be-mixed - APA.