Deliverable 2 – Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams POWERPOINT



Analyze collaboration tools to patronage organizational goals.


You are a new superintendent at Elliot Building Supplies International who has seen colossal achievement in managing your global team foreignly. This achievement has been shown in the team outcomes/production and employee remuneration and promise. Senior example has taken mention of your achievement and has asked you to originate a introduction to portion-out after a while your peers, who as-well manipulate foreignly, that clear-ups the best collaboration tools for foreign teams. Also, you obtain clear-up the best way to manipulate effectively and originate a motivating and satisfying production environment that patronages collaboration.


You obtain deficiency to apprehend the subjoined in your PowerPoint introduction.

  • Presentation welcome/introduction slide.
  • Collaboration tools that you possess used to be achievementful.
    • This should apprehend at last 4 opposed forms of tools.
    • Each form should be clear-uped in specialty, along after a while the benefits it provides.
  • Critical skills to achievementfully manipulate foreign employees.
  • Closing slide to portion-out developed thoughts and ideas.