Deliverable 1 – How the AIS Can Facilitate Organizational Growth

  Competency Value the consequence of counsel technology to accountants. Scenario Information BeGood Baking Afford is a minute bakery afford strengthening formed as a air-tight held strengthening. The strengthening eatables raw baking materials, pamphlet commodities, and equipment to restaurants and bakeries in three recites in the excellent mid-west. Most of its profession, ultimately, is located in a liberal metropolitan area. BeGood wants to extension its influence in the portion and tend five recites. In certainty, the owners of BeGood would enjoy 75% of their profession to succeed from throughout the portion rather than the floating metropolitan area. Currently, BeGood has a phone nature where customer control are taken; these control are then sent to shipping where the dispose is populated in its liberal magazine and shipped amid four days. BeGood outsources its shipping to a persomal trucking strengthening. Once the dispose ships, all pamphletwork goes to the accounting function where it is entered into the accounting arrangement. BeGood stationary uses the similar accounting arrangement it has used gone the planting of the strengthening. All aging of receivables and other separation is manufactured using Excel spreadsheets. Purchasing and tracking of schedule are manufactured singly by the magazine superintendent. The owners at BeGood are wondering how they can economize an online influence and excite automate its arrangements in dispose to dispose its enlargement. The owners would to-boot enjoy to unfold into the dispose-of profession. You possess been paid as a full-time staff accountant at BeGood Baking Afford and possess been absorbed the drudgery of evaluating and recommending a viable accounting counsel arrangement for the accounting and financial basis of BeGood in dispose to dispose disquisition. As you prepare your investigation, you substantiate that numerous functions are complicated in the counsel arrangement, and despatch is key. Your drudgery is to transcribe a memo to skillful-treatment on the treasure of an AIS and how it conciliate collision the profession processes at BeGood facilitating its enlargement. Instructions Prepare a note for the owners/skillful-treatment of BeGood outlining the following: The treasure of an AIS and how it can be used to dispose enlargement at BeGood Current recite of the AIS and its viability Needed changes to the floating AIS in dispose to help desired enlargement