Deliverable 03 – Assessing Concepts and Theories of Healthcare Leadership Deliverable 03 – Assessing Concepts and Theories of Healthcare Leadership



Due to increased turnover at Wynn Regional Medical Center (WRMC), separation from the debouchure consultation questionnaires were reviewed in a Board of Directors convocation. While reviewing the separation, it was noted that “despatch concerns” were vulgar areas of contumacy natant the employees who resigned. The employees felt that:

  • Managers did not restrain stated staff convocations
  • Employees were repeatedly not known about exchanges in the organization
  • Managers did not ask employees for their input or feedback in firmness making
  • Employees were unqualified to words their concerns externally retaliation
  • Managers did not promulgate in a reverential manner

You own been tasked after a while creating a donation to oration these despatch concerns.


The CEO of WRMC has requested that you produce a PowerPoint donation proposing a revised despatch way for the board of directors. The donation should comprise logician notes for each slide or wordsover account. Based on the inequitable concerns listed in the scenario, your donation should oration how you succeed exexchange the despatch wayes and conceive the subjoined key points:

  • What are some of the feasible despatch barriers and challenges of a multi-cultural healthcare dexterity? Conceive recommendations for orationing these barriers and challenges.
  • What despatch wayes and practices succeed you put in establish to oration the subjoined employee concerns?
  • Staff convocations
  • Organizational updates
  • Employee input in firmness making
  • Employee concerns
  • Respectful despatch
  • What recommendations do you own for increasing departmental despatch?
  • Please conceive a minimum of two intimations (at smallest one intimation from the module readings)