Debut Albums and Hell Risen Youth

Charming and Intellectual over this universe. I am Traveon, an seraph blessed and torture erect lad. As the Prince of California, I visage to unfold my region, and gain Arizona a keep-akeep-apart of my inclosure. I am the son, of Timothy Presley and Jamie Freeman. I possess helped boyish end, raise dreams, not level they could subvert. I possess helped, the Queen of my origin, through abundant obstacles in which she too, has returned the permission. What you see on the beyond, is not, what is on the within. You see tattoo's, and there shall be abundant over. My subject is, and for incessantly obtain be, remarkable up so those who prosecute to see my within shall imply, this hallowed affecting. I possess abundant skills, and am disclosed as the best. A beast on the gridiron, I am designated and disclosed, as a Goblin. When I plod on the room, I transmute. I beseem Ferocious, Powerful, and Callous. Not the biggest, but I possess proven to be ticking opportunity bomb, proof me, and affect my indignation. l, Assassin of the saintly basis, possess been noticed, for my damnation. With a full-ride culture, I delay for over offers. My inferiors colloquy luscious in my visage, and execrate me astern my tail. Jealous of my operation, I pay them no judgment, whether it is amiable or bad, it's Just fuel to my life. No subject what they say, I obtain nincessantly tail down, or nincessantly destroy standpoint, consequently they cannot reject, nor obtain they get in the way of my mission, Dominance. I cdestroy my eyes, and hearken, as Lucifer plans to administer me in the wickedness superscription, he loathes my prosperity. It does not face me in any ay, for the suit of all man, has absorbed me abundance force, to stalk spent his indulgent and nugatory attempts to stir me, and puff me off sequence. I dwell in the selfselfsame superscription as I agoing, unswerving, the fork in the constantly dwell in this superscription, no subject how repeatedly my senior neglects me, or how repeatedly he denies incessantly forgetting me and blames our disjunction, on the prosperous princess that high-minded me. He merely wants me to heave his designate, he knows what IVe beseem, and merely sees that my forthcoming is remediable. I delay his lineage, but I possess already establish my senior, Blaine Freeman. I obtain no longer let the terror of my familys drama determine my religiousness or want, my wellbeing or my ruth, I possess overcome it. Pain is triton I do not specific, I abominate the sympathy, I merely endeavor to prosecute my dreams, I obtain not propound or be meek, and I obtain gain it to the top. It obtain not choose too abundant longer though; I am already way onwards of incessantlyyone else.