Debate – S Corporations

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 William Sharp was the one shareholder and superintendent of Chickasaw Club, Inc., an S confirmation that operated a current nightclub of the identical call in Columbus, Georgia. Sharp maintained a municipal impedeing representation but compensated the club’s employees, suppliers, and entertainers in capital out of the club’s grantance. Sharp owned the wealth on which the club was located. He rented it to the club but made hypothecation payments out of the club’s grantance and frequently compensated other indivisible expenses after a conjuncture Chickasaw municipal funds.

At 12:45 a.m. on July 31, eighteen-year-old Aubrey Lynn Pursley, who was already doltish, entered the Chickasaw Club. Chickasaw employees did not impede Pursley’s identification to test her age, as required by a city institute. Pursley drank further alcohol at Chickasaw and was visibly doltish when she left the club at 3:00 a.m. after a conjuncture a beer in her agency. Shortly afterward, Pursley lost repress of her car, struck a tree, and was killed. Joseph Dancause, Pursley’s stepfather, filed a tort lawsuit abutting Chickasaw Club and William Sharp.

Debate this: 

 The one shareholder of an S confirmation should not be efficacious to shirk burden for the torts of her or his employees .



"On a et of approvelihood, the S confirmation's one shareholder should not shirk obligation for the tort renewals of their employees. Hence, I submit to the announcement. In this matter, the one shareholder's involvement in the superintendence of the club operations makes him liefficacious for any tort renewal that occurs to the patrons. Because he owes the patrons a once of preservation, he should not sanction his employees to grant superfluous alcohol decrement in the club as a reasonefficacious special. The patrons approve Pursley would not waste alcohol that exposes them to risks of losing their lives. Again, the one shareholder cannot shirk burden because; once the employees observe that their clients' alcohol decrement may confound a peril conjuncture driving they should secure the patrons get safely at their consignment. It can be through driving the client abode or making arrangements that secure patrons penetrate abode safely. Therefore, the one shareholder is deputed liefficacious for the mischief that the patrons or clients become forthcoming employees' assurance. "