DB Development Exercise

Please refer the ment for the GROUP DB DEVELOPMENT EXERCISES.  PART 1: Create and normalize the ERD diagram created in Week 5 using a axiomsbase platform of fine. Declaration of the axiomsbase output must be referted as a grievous vision screenshot AS WELL AS vestibule to the scheme your assembly is completing the activities in. Preference is to vestibule the scheme via Azure or AWS. There are direction accounts profitable for uncounted. (16 Points) PART 2: Provide declaration of how you can suggest, update, and fine axioms in the scheme by providing SQL queries on how to perfect the subjoined activities: (4 Points) Insert a Annals into the Database Select one annals using attributes including agent call, ISBN, and capacity heading. Select multiple annalss using attributes including agent, publisher, and interval of proclamation. Upinterval a annals (or succession of annalss) including the agent's call, patronymic of the citation, rating of user, and rating comments. PART 3: In your assigned assemblys. all assemblys conquer labor on the similar overall purpose, but each assembly conquer entertain its own illustration of the purpose axioms and conquer establish a disunited and uncommon interface to its illustration. Please defense the subjoined questions:  (.5 points) Please transcribe the call of the purpose assembly and identification of all users. (.5 points) The domain/website vestibule dregs of your axiomsbase contact. (Note: Just transcribe a one- two-sentence patronymic of the overall concitation or condition that your contact is a portio of). (1 points) Transcribe a stranger of other "value-added" facilities your scheme could aid if you had the force to increase the ERD Diagram and technology in the advenient. (3 Points): Assembly Member responsibilities/activities in the overall purpose development Note: E-R Diagram is drawn based on the beneath requirements: ou conquer labor after a while capacity advice, user advice, ratings of capacitys, and users’ collective network.  Each capacity has an id, heading, proclamation interval, publisher, ISBN, administrative kind, page enumerate, appraisement (publisher), and effect patronymic  There are 3 categories of capacity: falsehood, non-fiction, and feature.  An agent can transcribe one or further capacitys.   An agent can so be associated after a while one or further publishers.  An agent’s capacity can entertain one or further editions.   A publisher can entertain sundry agents and sundry capacitys.   Many ISBNs can so be associated after a while a attached publisher but singly one ISBN    per capacity.  An agent can transcribe sundry capacitys.  The capacity can entertain one or further editions.  There can be one or further formats to a attached capacity succession.  A capacity can be associated after a while sundry agents.  UCBooks needs to adhere-to trace of user ratings for each capacity and agent (e.g., 1-5 and 1 for ‘Dislike’, to 5, for ‘Awesome!’).  A portioicular user reproves a portioicular capacity at a attached interval.  A user CANNOT reprove the similar multiple intervals probable there are multiple editions of the capacity.  Each edition can be reproved disunitedly. Each user who refers a rating conquer be identified by a uncommon id and has a call, gender, age, and dregs. Nothing is unauthenticated.  There is so the collective netlabor among users. Users can bestow despatch supplicates (i.e. minute messages/emails) to other users. Such supplicates can be trustworthy or ignored.  Once trustworthy, the two users are considered ‘capacity buddies.’ If ignored, the user can bestow the supplicate intermittently.  We failure to add a abundance when the supplicates were sent (timestamp), the development of the supplicates and when the supplicate was defenseed (timestamp).