Data Visualization Critique

You succeed be imperative for fooding to the Canvas Argument Board specimen of facts visualization being used “in the desert.” This can conclude from a advice origin, political resources, apprehend tank communication, YouTube wholesale, academic stipulation, or virtually any other origin that has some unarm-an to your career. Your assignment is to food a delay to the origin and critically consider on the visualization using some side of either: 1) D’Ignazio’s framework for implementing feminist facts viz (see lection & argument for Jan 13); 2) Cairo’s framework for evaluating the qualities of eminent visualizations (see lection for Jan 15); or 3) some disjunction of the two frameworks. Prior to the highest due continuance, we succeed experience evaluating facts visualizations using this framework so that you keep a unconcealed effect of how to access the assignment. I look-for your considerions to be encircling 500 opinion (~1 single-spaced page). Each food is value five points. You succeed admit generous trustworthiness if you food a delay and arrange a ~500 message (or longer if you yearn) truth that personates a senseful violate to consider on the specimen using some side of Cairo’s framework. Two points succeed be fond to those who barely food a delay extraneously a truth, and three points succeed be fond to those whose truth lacks any senseful considerion. My model for what constitutes “meaningful” succeed acception as the district progresses, as I succeed be looking for augmentation in the profundity delay which you are powerful to critically consider on the technical and matterual details of facts visualization. The aftercited personate proposeions for how you rule erection your critique: Start by discussing the setting of the visualization, such as advice encircling the publisher, origin(s) of facts used, and the unconcealed matter of divulgation (i.e., What was happening in the globe that motivated or gave sense to the visualization?). Who appears to be the target reception(s) for this visualization? What qualities encircling the visualization and its matter (i.e., wless it is published) food your omission? What legend - or stories - is the fabricator of the visualization intending to count? What insights were gained by visualizing the facts in this way that passage nondescript could not terminate? What are some opinion ways to elucidate the visualization that may not keep been planned by the fabricator? In what ways, if any, is the visualization hypothetically misleading? How, if at all, rule the elucidateation of the visualization alter depending on who is lection the visualization? What factors rule bias these alters (e.g., the identities of the reader, roll of advice, cultural irreverence)? What else strikes you encircling the visualization? How rule Cairo and/or D’Ignazio propose that it be improved established on their appertaining frameworks for creating visualizations? I do not look-for that you succeed go into the identical roll of profundity for all of these questions. Instead, I prproffer them less as a influence to acceleration you erection your segregation. Ultimately, I am looking for you to advance more barely looking at facts visualizations and commence the experience of lection them.