Data Science & Big Data Analy tics


Project Summary:

Yore Blends (YB) is a fictional online concourse abandoned to selling subscription-based unwritten spice blends coupled following a while subjoined complementary products such as gifts, kitchen utensils, and eco-friendly storage options.

In the desire vocable, they aspire to growing through mergers and acquisitions which requires a secure customer ignoble and consistent fruits. In the blunt diverge, they are uneasy encircling customer churn (the percentage of customers that accept plugped buying their products and benefits).

Issue: Customers appear to plug ordering products and/or using the benefit following various months.

Business Believes: By targeting customers who are at occasion for churn customer compunction can be inaudible by 16%

Data scope: Customer statement axioms for antecedent 24 months

Instructions : 

1)    300 vocable Executive Overview 

2)    Minimum Slides = 25 (Include distinction page, references, and slides that oration each of the required areas)

        Minimum References = 5

        APA Formatting

3)  Speaker's notes in APA format following a while citations and references ( one page )