Data Representation

  This job relates to a succession of tolls that get be general opposite Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Select any issue of a visualisation or infographic, mayhap your own effort or that of others. The job is to engage a subterranean, inferential ‘forensic’ relish toll of the pur-pose daintys made opposite each of the five laminas of the separated visualization’s resolution. In each contingency your toll is solely restless delay one pur-pose lamina at a space. For this job, interest a cork seem at the facts fidelity daintys: Start by identifying all the charts and their produces How agreeable do you believe the chart produce dainty(s) are to spread-out the facts? If they are not, what do you believe they should keep been? Are the marks and, distinctly, the attributes properly assigned and precisely portrayed? Go through the set of ‘Influencing factors’ from the cessation minority of the book’s chapter to aid outline your toll and to haply enlighten how you government harness this pur-pose lamina differently Are there any facts values/statistics presented in table/raw produce that mayhap could keep benefited from a further visual fidelity? Link for exercise: