Dashboard examples-what are some ways you would go abut determining


One of the things I ground most suited is how HR dashboards are suited for awaken achievement and identifying area for proficiency in an form.  As the stipulation symmetrical, "Decision makers fix that gang temporization is aligned from supporter, to managerial, to singular intents.

I especially relish the how the stipulation explained how a good-natured-natured HR dashboard succeed procure a compendious and leadership vault of apparent key achievement indicators.  The tips loving to opine when customizing or creating an HR dashboard were;

  1.  Narrow down what you gauge: Lawful accordingly you can adviser dozens of KPIs does not moderation you should.
  2. Only gauge moderationingful grounds: Grounds is most precious when it is renewalable.  The intent is to adviser metrics which can be linked to a coming plan of renewal.
  3. Dive deeper:  Businesses must impress a showy equalize betwixt measuring anything and measuring rush. 

My gang uses most of these dashboard examples when hiring applicants.

Question:  That is a brave, isn't it!; to indeed know what grounds points procure beneficial counsel and not lawful providing grounds for the end of it. What are some ways you would go trench determining which pieces of counsel are suited and to whom? Thoughts, anyone?