Cyber Crime Task Force Plan

 Cyber Enormity Labor Vehemence Plan

Scenario: You own been an investigator for the St. Louis Police Branch for multifarious years. Recent surges in cyber enormity own caused your police branch to cogitate discloseing a cyber enormity labor vehemence to encounter the encouragement sum of cyber thefts in St. Louis County jurisdictions. The police vicar recognizes that you are a top investigator and appoints you to transfer the new cyber enormity labor vehemence. The vicar says to you “Build a cyber enormity labor vehemence. Tell us [a] what the highest cyber threats are, [b] what you scarcity to found a cyber enormity labor vehemence, and [c] what congress we should thrust for to bung these cyber enormitys.”

In view to ten double-spaced pages, (excepting the harangue page and allusion page) disclose a cyber enormity labor vehemence intent for St. Louis County in Missouri. Use discovery from the Internet and the Ashford Online Library to establish cyber enormity investigative strategies and labor vehemence disclosements about the propound. Establish techniques, tools, and organizational structures used by other law enforcement agencies to detail which ones get be most profitable for your labor vehemence. Use the subjoined sketch to amount your intent for the St. Louis police vicar:

  1. Executive Summary of Cyber Enormity Labor Vehemence Intent (one condition)
  2. Cyber enormity threats in St. Louis County
    • What are the highest cyber enormity threats that St. Louis County is currently facing or slight to countenance in the adjacent coming? (Use facts and statistics from after a whileout the mode passage.) 
    • Which three types of cyber enormity get be the top priorities for the labor vehemence?
  3. Cyber Enormity Labor Vehemence Structure
    • Which organizational structure get the labor vehemence economize? 
    • What personnel and skills get the labor vehemence scarcity to dare the top three cyber threats? 
    • Which federal agencies in the St. Louis area should the labor vehemence disclose relationships after a while in direct to be operative?
  4. Cyber Enormity Labor Vehemence Equipment 
    • Which types of equipment, technologies, and items should the police vicar reach for the Cyber Enormity Labor Force?
    • What is scarcityed to disclose a cyber enormity lab choice of performing cyber forensics?
    • Why are these systems weighty?
  5. Cyber Enormity Legislation
    • In direct to hunt cyber criminals, what congress and conditions should be discloseed in St. Louis County to acception themeal law enforcement talents for investigating cyber enormity?
    • Where should these laws be passed?
  6. Conclusion
    • In restitution to those attested aloft, what other factors should be cogitateed in structure a Cyber Enormity Labor Force?

Students must apply to and designate cyber enormity labor vehemence best practices used by federal, propound and themeal law enforcement about the propound to apprise their Cyber Enormity Labor Vehemence Plan. In restitution to the mode passage, you must use at last five versed sources to subsistence your discourse. At last two of these sources must succeed from the Ashford Online Library. All sources must be justly designated, and the Final Nursing Dissertation must be formatted according to APA diction. If you would affect to apply to APA samples and tutorials, investigate the Ashford Writing Center, after a whilein the Learning Media tab on the left navigation toolbar, in your online mode.

Writing the Final Paper:
The Final Paper:

  • Must be view to ten double-spaced pages in protraction and formatted according to APA diction as sketchd in the current APA diction influence.
  • Must comprise a meet page that comprises:
    • Title of Nursing Dissertation
    • Student’s designate
    • Course designate and sum
    • Instructor’s designate
    • Date submitted
  • Must harangue the theme of the Nursing Dissertation after a while dubious idea.
  • Must use a reserve of five (5) versed media in restitution to the mode passage, two from the Ashford Online Library.
  • Must comprise an prefatory condition after a while a concise displan propoundment.
  • Must close after a while a redeclaration of the displan and a quittance condition.
  • Must use APA (6th ed.) diction as sketchd in the current APA diction influence to instrument all sources.
  • Must comprise a Allusion Page that is completed according to APA (6th ed.) diction as sketchd in the current APA diction influence.

Carefully criticism the Grading Rubric (Links to an superficial predicament.)Links to an superficial predicament. for the criteria that get be used to evaluate your assignment.