Customer Journey Map Design Group Project:

Customer Excursion Map Drawing Order Project:

Presentation and Tidings Submission 

Working as a team expand a customer excursion map that instruments the opposed stages that the customer goes through from neat certified to finally purchasing and using a issue or benefit. Picked one of the companies a component of the team works for and do the excursion map. You can rendezvous on a specific traffic section to elucidate the system. If your association already has customer excursion maps, picked a association or issue natant you that does not accept a excursion map. It's influential that students attract in the system. 

There is truly no one explicit format for erection excursion maps. Excursion maps variegate largely. Excursion maps should stop the customer at opposed stages of from certifiedness through buying and column donation states. Secondly, it should expound the role of each utensil impress subject-matter at each of these stages. Thirdly, it should enumerate what metrics you would neglect to stop on the customer at each of these stages. Finally, it should enumerate some strategic external or opinion external at each of these stages. Beyond these requirements, you accept large room to drawing your excursion map. You could prefer to use the grid format or you capacity neglect to substantially use some sequential boxes and arrows that color over of a excursion (see Excursion Map folder in files menu). Gladden silence this is your firmness and that the pedagogue is not in a standing, fond the step of the mode, to furnish control while you're doing the excursion map. Don't obsess encircling perfection; Excursion maps eliminate balance spell to emend their relevance and profit. Two declaration should be interpret antecedently attempting this excursion map.

Develop a offer for utter to the class on the targeted date. Also present to canvas. Powerpoints repeatedly don't take the in articulation the willing of the tidings so gladden furnish a written balanceview of encircling a page sole spaced.

Suggestions executing this project:

  1. First interpret the declaration (See Excursion Map Folder in files menu)
  2. Select association and issue sales to be mapped. Accept the peculiar who is intimate after a while the association make boxes and arrows after a while predonation and column donation steps.
  3. Have 2 order components resurvey the Definitive-Guide-to-Marketing-Metrics season so they can insinuate apt metrics at each subject-matter of the Journey.
  4. Add details/willing to the map.
  5. Write abridgment of the excursion map and present. 
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