Curves Ahead: women artists art

Take a offend to a museum (either Physical or Virtually) . After you trip the museum, meditate the exertions on  aspect,  the form, the curatorial interest of the representation, and transcribe a choice.


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Core Values

Saint Leo University is an educational commission. All of us, individually and accumulatively, exertion dense to secure that our students lay-open the reputation, understand the skills, and identify the notice imported to befit morally imperative leaders. The luck of our University depends upon a highprincipled commitment to our band-arms, vision, and goals.

Saint Leo University lay-opens sociable Christian understanding communities wholewhere we acceleration. We raise a breath of accompanying, conjunction, and kindred grounded on alternate credit and regard to originate socially imperative environments that dare all of us to attend, to understand, to diversify, and to acceleration.

Animated in the breath of Jesus Christ, we treasure all individuals’ matchless douceur, regard their dignity, and labor to raise their commitment to superiority in our exertion. Our class’s power depends on the conjunction and variation of our race, on the uncounted exdiversify of ideas, and on understanding, patronage, and exertioning harmoniously.

Personal Development
Saint Leo University stresses the lay-openment of whole person’s inclination, breath, and collection for a balanced morals. All members of the Saint Leo University commconjunction must unfold their commitment to particular lay-openment to acceleration poweren the reputation of our class.

Responsible Stewardship
Our Creator blesses us after a while an riches of media. We raise a breath of advantage to inure our media for University and commconjunction lay-openment. We must be resourceful. We must optimize and use all of the media of our commconjunction to drift Saint Leo University’s band-arms and goals.

The commitment of Saint Leo University to superiority demands that its members speed its band-arms and entrust on its account. The douceur, staff, and students pawn to be right, impartial, and accordant in account and commission.