About Cure for Common Cold


. you can use any online article that talks about cure for common cold. an example is this one:

(5. A) One big red flag from the article is that the National Academy of Sciences are giving us untested hypotheses that could possibly lead to a cure for cold by stopping the virus from replicating through jamming it and have the virus die in isolation. Another red flag from the article is the hypotheses has not attempted to eliminate reasonable alternative hypotheses. They have just come up with the idea of the cure, and they are currently testing first through the animals.

B) I think the article is a trustworthy one because it has specified where the theory came from; the resources/organization which in this case was from National Academy of Science and listed few credited known professors. the article also listed who these people were and their discoveries in the past projects.)


Question that need answer:

5. Find one short article online that purports to provide a cure for the common cold. Open Table 1.2 in your book (pages 25-26). Use the checklist to go through your article. To receive credit for this question, you must provide a clickable URL for your article. To add a link in Moodle while answering the question, highlight the word article, then click the icon that looks like interlocking chain links.

a. Comment on the two biggest red flags raised by your linked article.

b. In a sentence or two, discuss whether you think your article is a trustworthy one.

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