Culture, Business and Media in American Football and Soccer

I've already written the undivided substance, I deficiency 8 to 10 pages of Literature reconsideration. This learning examines the similarity between refinement, concern, and media in sports; specifically, football and soccer as football is the most public sport in the US and soccer is the most public sport worldwide. The leading way is how the three elements unsupposable and peaceful move each other. We accomplish deficiency earliest to conceive the refinement through sports and how over mentioned sports move refinement and individuals’ daily activity. To perpend refinement, we accomplish be using the concept of cultural metaphors and Hofstede’s cultural tome. Massive beholder involvement and the publicity of these two sports accept resulted in concern interlocution and newfangled these sports from simply nature a sport into a lucrative concern. Therefore, the media had no select but to clash to accept its portion-out of what became a very lucrative concern.