Cultural Assessments –This assignment assesses Competency outcomes

Cultural Assessments –This assignment assesses Competency outcomes # 6, 7 and 8 (100 points/ 30% of latest trice) The motive of this assignment is for you to improve your awareness and construction of the collision cultivation and civilized manner swingd your indivisible and authoritative fruit.  Utilizing conceptual frameworks that pilot the order of tribute, insinuation, and evaluation, transcribe a five – six (5-6) page double-spaced Nursing Dissertation that inspects the cultivation of your nobility of cause or cultivations which after a while you that identify. Students are to consider and refer-to pertinent lore allied to their verified cultivation(s), ethnicity (ies), and fruit. Ethnographic exploration techniques are so to be used (the consider of artifacts, documents, photo albums, observations, and interviews). APA title required in this Nursing Dissertation after a while at last three (3) references. 1. Describe yourself as a bio-psycho-socio-cultural-spiritual existence.  State how the overall union of these characteristics swingd the opportunities and barriers that you keep accustomed so far in your existence.  Include in your discourse how the cultivation feigned and maintained.  For illustration, you may elect to inspect absenteeism patterns, nobility structure, child-rearing practices divine beliefs, secrets, rituals, attitudes towards malady and termination, attitudes towards other cultivations and deviance, nobility and gender roles.  (20pts) 3. Discuss company of the dominant cultivation or non-dominate cultivation you verified.  (20pts) 4. Discuss how your cultural oneness swing your values as a collective worker? If over than one cultivation comprises the cultivation of cause, ways that these distinction are negotiated.  (20 pts.) 5. Diversity, nicety, and injustice feign everyone, whether they are sever of the dominant knot or a subordinated knot.  Describe the collision of variation, nicety, and injustice on your fruit and worldview (indivisible and authoritative). (20pts) 6. Refer-to at last foul-mouthed references that tell to your cultural experiment (10 pts.) 7. Writing- APA format after a while referencing and use of rectify style throughout the Nursing Dissertation (10pts)