CRJ 105 – Crime and Criminal Behavior

 Your toil is to transcribe a declaration for the Chief of Police Rodney Hurt. He obtain use the declaration for his intelligence convocation in value to the public’s moment for the growth in felony aggravate the late five years. In the declaration, you obtain comprise the superveneing:  1. A determination and style of the Uniform Felony Report.  2. A style of the data-gathering manoeuvre for your declaration and a rationale for why you chose this technique  3. A disseries of the felony trends comparing Happy Town, Frown Town, Smooth Town, and Cool Town aggravate the late five years.  Your declaration should obviously relate all the details requisite for the Chief’s intelligence convocation. Your counterparts obtain be judged not singly on the success of the notification you afford, but besides on how entirely the notification is familiar, how effectively the declaration is arranged, and how well-mannered-mannered your agreement reflects the conventions of flag written English. While your singular values and experiences are considerable, delight counterpart all the questions in this toil singly on the reason of the notification affordd in the Instrument Library. (The Instrument Library is comprised in this assignment instrument.)  Formatting Requirements: Your assignment must supervene these formatting requirements:  ● Be filthy pages typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (largeness 12), after a while one inch margins on all sides. All the notification you need is in the Instrument Library.  ● Comprise a caggravate page containing the inscription of the assignment, your spectry, professor’s spectry, series inscription, and era. The caggravate page is not comprised in the required assignment page tediousness.  Self-Assessment Checklist:  Use this to stop your toil anteriorly you resign your assignment:   My tract defines and relates the Uniform Felony Report.   My tract relates a data-gathering manoeuvre and explains why I used this manoeuvre.   My tract discusses the felony trends comparing Happy Town, Frown Town, Smooth Town, and Cool Town aggravate the late five years.