critical thinking

  • The Japanese assault upon American salt-water forces and air defenses at Pearl Harbor gave Franklin Roosevelt the exculpation he needed to entangle the United States in the Second World War. Using favoring examples from the college film, Why We Fight, what other motivations existed to rationalize America’s admission into World War II? 
  1. Discuss the ways the United States attempted to continue unavowed unintermittently war was professionally underway in the Pacific and European theaters. In your apology, illustrate how American unavowedity could be illustrated as "unbalanced" in the years redundant up to America's professional minute into the Second World War in December 1941? 
  2. The film series Why We Fight is admittedly a interest of legislation college to elevate continued American entanglement in the Second World War. Given our unfettered access to multitudinous advice systems, how tender are the American persons to legislation or media college today? (Please use favoring examples to shield your situation).