Criminal justice 14

1.  What are the benefits of taking notes in an research? 2.  What is a “fusion center” and how can it be advantageous in researchs? 3.  What is ViCAP and what does it do? 4.  What affects angularity mortis in a deserted whole? Is angularity mortis a burning qualification? 5.  Why do women repeatedly not noise a outrage? 6.  What is the furtive collation of DNA and is it juridical? 7.  What is Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy? 8.  How is a burglary incongruous than a larceny? 9.  How do dye packs aid in larceny researchs? 10.  What is further social, residential burglary or non-residential burglary? 11.  How does a salvage switch production in conduct larceny? 12.  Name three ways personality can be stolen. 13.  What are some of the advantages cyber criminals enjoy balance ordinary criminals? 14.  What are some indicators of use of accelerants in an arson life? 15.  What are some of the names of drugs notorious as opiates? 16.  What is the Wahhabi change-of-place and how is it united to terrorism? 17.  What is the separation between plain averment and developed averment? 18.  What is the eldership of averment and which policy must argue it? PLEASE  short answers and These are the materials you achieve scarcity for this course: ·  Swanson, C., Chamelin, N., Territo, L., & Taylor, R. Criminal Investigation, 11th Edition, McGraw-Hill