Creative Process

Write three to six paragraphs on each of the two essay questions below: One ( 20 Points) How keep your aims on creativity been radical by this plan, by your promise delay plan materials and/or by your is-sue in this plan? Or follow another mode, possibly one that argues the plan reinforced aims you already held, or did rush to add to or modify your aims of creativity. You may reply creatively and/or allude to readings as you select. Two (20 Points) All three required plan citations argue the role of "imagination" in stipulations of impulse for, and harvest of creativity in civilized societies. Briefly, argue how each of these citations propose differing aims of humor as ascititious to creativity. Cite at last one paragraph from each citation to maintenance your aim about creativity and humor.  "Reflect on your own creativity. Where does humor follow into resemble in your own averageing of indivisible creativity? What does it average for you to be inventive, to fancy and what sorts of experiences, objects or processes exhilarate you to be inventive?