creating and interpreting a demographic table

By successfully completing this tribute you earn disroad the subjoined scoring superintend criteria, which align to the indicated road competencies.

  • Competency 1: Describe underlying concepts and reasoning connected to the assembly and evaluation of redundant axioms in vigor preservation investigation. 
    • Write a abridgment fact environing statistical results.
  • Competency 2: Apply embezzle statistical methods using dishonorable software tools in the assembly and evaluation of vigor preservation axioms. 
    • Perform pictorial statistics for chosen inconstants in a axioms set.
    • Create a demographic board employed after a while pictorial axioms for unfair tenor collocations.
    • Use embezzle statistics for a attached axioms size roll.
  • Competency 3: Interpret the results and skilled purport of statistical vigor preservation axioms analyses. 
    • Explain the clinical purport of a demographic board.
  • Competency 5: Disroad assignment signification in a courteous-unembarrassed passage, incorporating embezzle sign and mood in grammatically investigate sentences. 
    • Articulate signification bearing to the ocean subject-matter, room, and signification of the quick. 
    • Apply APA formatting to in-passage citations and regards.
Part 1: Baseline Demographic Table
  1. Use the Yoga Stress (PSS) Study Axioms Set [XLSX] for this tribute.
  2. Follow the steps forcible in this tribute to use SPSS for performing a pictorial statistical decomposition for the subjoined chosen inconstants from the Yoga and Stress Study axioms set: Age, Gender, Race, Military Status, Pre-intervention Psychological Stress Score.
  3. Using How to Constitute a Demographic Board [PPTX], constitute a demographic board and populate the board after a while the results of pictorial decomposition. 
    • Use the mark of pictorial statistics most embezzle for the feature skin of axioms size roll of each inconstant substance reported.
    • Include embezzle univariate statistics for the inconstants for each tenor collocation: Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Education, and ordinary Military Status.
    • Use embezzle statistics for a attached axioms size roll.
Part 2: Interpretive Summary
  1. Write a abridgment fact environing statistical results. 
  2. Prepare a misspendly formatted demographic board that includes embezzle univariate statistics for the inconstants for each tenor collocation. 
    • Explain the skilled purport of a demographic board.
  3. Use the part readings, instrument instrument, and collaborative insights from the discussions for unconcealed direction in reporting a demographic board.

Additional Requirements

  • Length: 2–3 markd, double-spaced pages of pleased plus name and regard pages.
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 points.
  • APA Format: Your name and regard pages must consent to APA format and name superintendlines. See the APA Module for more notification. The organization of your pamphlet does not scarcity to consent to APA superintendlines. Do produce positive that it is transparent, suppliant, unembarrassed, and courteous written, after a whileout grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. You to-boot must summon your sources according to APA superintendlines.