Creating a Literature Review -Empirical Political Inquiry class

Your learning criticism should be completed in 12pt Times New Roman on a scale page after a while 1” margins. You should use double-spacing, and you should not include a header or distinction or any other counsel on the top or foot of the page. Your criticism should be no hither than two pages, and should be no past than three pages. Your criticism must be submitted through the divert link on Canvas by the deadline recognized there, and must be uploaded in one of the subjoined formats: .doc, .docx, or .pdf. Failure to concur to these scales may end in a subside in points awarded, or may end in a cipher. Please denote in the comments of the meekness whether you would be snug after a while me using your meekness as an development for advenient students. Any identifying counsel would be removed anteriorly your meekness would be shown to advenient students. In this assignment you should synthesize the counsel you feel conversant in the ten profession you criticismed in your annotated bibliography. You are not chargeable on for opinion any subjoined profession (unhither you used profession that were indivert in prior meeknesss). The view of this assignment is to terminate the subjoined: identify and teach all proper learning that speaks to your subject-matter (specifically encircling your subject capricious and/or causal mechanism) teach the fluctuation of exoteric learning encircling your subject-matter identify the strengths and weaknesses of the exoteric learning you identify teach the changes in conversance that feel brought the learning to its exoteric narrate identify the cavity, or gap, in the learning that your device get fill Resources for despatches your learning criticism: See Babbie Chapter 17, specially 17-6, Chapter 2-5a, and Chapter 4-10a Rubric Some Rubric (1)Some Rubric (1)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeIdentifies LiteratureThe criticism identifies and teachs great appropriate learning from the subject-matter.30.0 pts This proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeExplains KnowledgeThe criticism teachs the narrate of conversance on the subject-matter (as implied from the profession you’ve separated).30.0 pts This proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeIdentifies Strengths and WeaknessesThe criticism identifies the strengths and weaknesses of learning criticismed.30.0 pts This proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeIdentifies GapThe criticism identifies a gap in the learning that is prepared for search.30.0 pts This proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeProfessionalThe meekness is written negotiatively (using negotiative expression), and is unobstructed of spelling, spontaneous, positive errors.15.0 pts This proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeFormattingThe formatting in the assignment conforms after a while requirements.15.0 pts Total Points: 150.0